It’s still me!

Changing one’s name is an interesting phenomenon. I have done it a few times in my life. Not always did I tell all, or the most compelling reasons. After all, what anyone knows about anybody else is only their illusion of who we are.

Barbara Grace Schadt at 1 year

At birth I was named Barbara Grace Schadt. Barbie was my childhood nickname. At age 19 I married and changed my last name from Schadt to Jones. When I was 23 I changed from using my first name, Barbara, to using my middle name, Grace. I thought it would help me escape the shame of my past and change who I was. Maybe that works for others, it didn’t for me. So Barbara Schadt became Grace Jones, but it was still me.

After personal encounters with dragonflies in Alaska, I created my pseudonym, Denali Dragonfly. My endeavors since then, (including healing consultant, graphic designer, author, and fashion accessories) have been branded as Denali Dragonfly, sometimes with a tag. Whatever I am called, it is still me.

Denali Dragonfly Grace
in 2010

When I chose the tagline Options To Live Well for my coaching practice, I knew it was ambiguous enough to include more than just healing. There are many options available to live well; spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, geographically, and possibly most important, creatively. After all, to some degree, we are all creators of our personal reality.

For a few years after closing my coaching practice, I Followed The Flow Into The Great Whatever. I became grounded in my belief system that “everything is theory.” All I know for certain is that I AM. I am here now and continue to co-create each moment of my personal reality.

I want to keep the house where I was raised, and since 2016 I have hosted Airbnb guests in my home. That business is called Marvin Gardens Guesthouse, and I include my Denali Dragonfly logo. It’s still me.

Denali Dragonfly Logo

The fun and cool thing now is that I am creating art again, after a very long dry spell. Some might support the theory that it was a creative block. Not important. What is important is that I’m having fun creating beaded jewelry for now. I have no doubt that it will lead me somewhere else. It’s all part of Following The Flow and letting it lead me wherever I need to go.

Whether it’s healing or beading it continues to be me creating. So I will continue to brand myself as Denali Dragonfly. I will continue to use the same page I began for my coaching practice. But from here forward the page focus will shift with The Flow of The Great Whatever I create in the now.

As I make this shift I invite each of you to continue following me on Denali Dragonfly Blog or Facebook page(s). The groups I will begin to archive. If you have no further interest in what I’m doing you can simply unfollow me. Regardless I wish each and everyone of you all the best in your personal journey with much love and gratitude for all.

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