It’s still me!

Changing one’s name is an interesting phenomenon. I have done it a few times in my life. Not always did I tell all, or the most compelling reasons. After all, what anyone knows about anybody else is only their illusion of who we are. Barbara Grace Schadt at 1 year At birth I was named... Continue Reading →

Dragonflies That Cross Oceans

Denali Dragonfly will be crossing oceans around the world. Here's a great example of the power of nature. The metaphor today is: my son in Japan sent this link in the same message where he said that when they buy their new house/cafe in the town known for Aka Tombo, "Red Dragonfly," there will be... Continue Reading →

Denali Dragonfly

Denali Dragonfly is still in it's nymph stage. The process takes about two years before he will come out of the lake and emerge from it's beetle shaped shell. When that happens, it will look like this full grown dragonfly.                

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