Art Changes Me!

The photo is the print of my Art History that will be on display along with my newest artistic creations at Prairie PastTimes in Cottonwood Falls, Kansas. It's in the heart of my beloved Flint Hills and as a new Artist Co-op member, I can say "WE" are having our Spring Open House tomorrow from... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Zone

I am sweetly in the zone of allowing whatever IS to simply BE, without any resistance or judgment. Any physical symptom I notice I just aim and gently tap knowing my unconscious will release its resources with the manifestations. I loved Robert’s rephrased concept, “The mind holds the memory and replays it in the body.”... Continue Reading →

Nothing To Tap On

It’s still brutally cold, near 0°. For a week it’s been like an Alaskan winter with snow on top of snow and no melt in between. I’m not in a good space or a mood to write. I woke up again with TMJ head stuff, and my back is still tense. My massage was mainly... Continue Reading →

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