Point of Contact

Lying in my bed self-healing, I am in a semi-conscious state. In one brief moment, an experiential vision arises. It takes the following paragraphs to do my best to describe it.

The concept or message of “Don’t take everything so seriously” is focused on something that is given the words Point of Contact.

The colors are all very neutral shades of translucent soft golden cream-beige. My Awareness is above and looking down on a shape that comes out and up from the Point of Contact. It is both a vessel and a receptor. The sides and contents are the same. It is nothing like I have ever seen in the physical world, but something like a combination of fog and ultra-fine chiffon material. It is an irregular, funnel-shape that is not round, nor rigid, but light and flexible with soft edges at the top and two or three vaguely definable edges on the sides.

The vessel-receptor is open at the top and one corner of it goes way down to a Point of Contact with the plane below it. The plane has a very slight curve in similar neutral colors only darker. I understand this plane to be the planet. The connection between the two is not integrated, yet there is something unseen holding the Point of Contact to the planet, but with flexibility and freedom of movement.

As Higher Awareness looks down, the funnel shape is so large that I can barely see or recognize what the Point of Contact is. As soon as I focus my attention on it, Higher Awareness zooms in instantly and there is a shift in the angle of the Point of Contact in relation to the vessel-receptor. The connection is very flexible yet entirely integrated as One Inseparable Being. I can see the general shape of a human, but without specific details or definable features. It is more like the shape of a mummy, without any wrapping strips. It is made of the same substance as the vessel-receptor only denser. I know the Point of Contact is my body in a very generic way, but there is no identification with a Self.

The main point is not to take whatever is going on in the Point of Contact too seriously. It’s only as big as the tip of a pin in the larger experience of Being. I perceive how large, free and spacious I really am. It’s all Being, and even more because Higher Awareness is looking down on it from the space above. This body is just the tiny corner pinpoint of contact between an amazingly large Being and the planet. So don’t take what goes on in this tiny pinpoint so seriously. It’s only the Point of Contact that connects me with Higher Awareness and the planet. This mind/body is not who I am, it is just an interface that enables me to operate in the world.

This experiential vision has given me a better understanding of many things. I am grateful since this Point of Contact called Grace sometimes needs graphic visuals to understand the big picture. It was a multi-dimensional experience that seems two-dimensional in writing.                        © B. Grace Jones 2013 All Rights Reserved.

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