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B.Grace Jones (aka Denali Dragonfly) was raised the youngest of four in a Christian home in Kansas by parents dedicated to education. Physical symptoms of stress began at age 17 and slowly increased to manifest in many ways.

As a young adult Grace began studies in personal and spiritual growth. In 1969 she married and worked in Western Medical Healthcare for six years in Kansas and California. After three years at home raising children and a move to Oklahoma, healthcare seemed too stressful as a working mom. In 1979 she began a 27-year career in Graphic Design/Print Production. Her intention was to return to health care after the children were raised.

By the mid 1980s Grace was treated for individual symptoms that are now a medically recognized collection labeled Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue (FM/CFS). She joined 12-step fellowships in 1989, and enlarged her beliefs to include universal spiritual truth found in all religions.

After her 25-year marriage ended and their three children were raised, Grace began to search for a way to return to healthcare. Since the field had changed dramatically and had not effectively served her health needs, she began to study alternative therapies while continuing her graphics career. Motivated by more stress-related symptoms, she moved to Alaska in 1999 hoping to find a new life of personal peace.

Grace enlarged her personal growth and alternative health studies to seek wellness from symptoms that plagued her for decades. Her personal work evolved nicely, but she was stuck in advertising unable to find her way into a healing arts career. Her life, as she knew it, ended abruptly in August 2005 when she became ill with Chronic Mononucleosis (EBV Epstein-Barr Virus). She could no longer work since EBV on top of FM/CFS symptoms created a relapse cycle for three years.

Grace searched for a way to heal, but only had minor results until July 2008 when her friend, Linda Esser, introduced her to a meridian “Tapping” method learned from Robert G. Smith. In the first phone session with Linda the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes were so dramatic that Grace believed this would heal her if she practiced it daily on everything. In addition she continued private weekly sessions with Linda for two months. Within six months she began training in January 2009 and by October 2010 was certified by Robert Smith as a founding FasterEFT Master Practitioner. By February 2011, after practicing the skills daily for two-and-a-half years, the disabling symptoms were completely healed.

Grace became an energetic Holistic Life Coach and Author. She continued to make personal changes and help others. She worked with clients privately or groups, presented seminars and was writing a book about her healing journey.

Things began to change dramatically in 2010 when Linda became acutely ill during October training seminars and deathly ill in December while Grace was traveling in Japan. You can learn more about that from these posts Linda Esser: My Healing Star and The Eternal Question.

Linda’s death in early 2011 was a turning point for Grace. She began to re-evaluate things that had already happened in the FasterEFT organization and observed new dynamics as they developed. She continued tapping on herself, but a severe illness in 2014 caused serious concerns about possible adverse reactions in her personal long-term tapping, and she posted warning disclaimers on her videos and website. In 2015 Grace and Robert Smith severed all ties and Grace closed her coaching practice. She left her website and YouTube channel active but posted information about safety concerns regarding FasterEFT. 

Since April 2016 Grace has been semi-retired and now an Airbnb host to many guests who enjoy short-term rentals in her basement apartment at Marvin Gardens Guesthouse in Emporia, Kansas.  

In May 2016 a personal relationship trauma was so devastating, that Grace realized a primary inherent danger in the FasterEFT belief system. She stopped tapping on herself and immediately deactivated all her FasterEFT videos except those that warned about possible dangers.

In an effort to sort things out, in early 2017 Grace began to share some of her journal excerpts (with only moderate editing) in hopes of giving followers some insight into why she left FasterEFT. It includes a series of 12 posts between Jan. 2 – Feb. 16, 2017. 

After a CFS relapse of 3 months in winter of 2017-18, in desperation Grace created a personalized system of safely tapping on herself and now uses that only for emergency situations.  

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