Basking In Bliss

After waking up from a dream where I was flying, I basked in the peaceful bliss in bed and remembered this is the same way I felt when I went to sleep. Pam’s session was exactly what we both needed. The end was a wonderful blissful positive state that we recorded so we can both practice. It felt like a prayer. It was, a 17-minute prayer full of good stuff. We knew it was for both of us equally, even though I used her words in the beginning, I know my representations and silently slipped them into my mind as I spoke. After six minutes I felt a connection within me and stopped using my notes and allowed the words to come through me. The rest felt like it was Divinely Inspired. I went to bed and practiced more. I focused on being in my Point of Contact. Instead of trying to reach my higher presence from below, I raised myself higher above the Point of Contact, the way it was in the vision when I first received it. I realized I’ve been trying to capture it from the lower perspective. No wonder it hasn’t been working. In order to experience the calm bliss of not taking things so seriously in my Point of Contact, I need to rise above it and notice it is only a tiny fraction of my being.

I spent my first hour of the morning in bed, continuing to practice my blissful peace, drifting in and out of sleep. There were no aches or tension in my body. I feel so relaxed, like the blissful buzz when the first bit of alcohol enters the bloodstream. Only this is the real deal, a feeling the habitual drinker seeks from a synthetic source. Maybe we are too lazy to take the time to authentically create it, or because no one taught us how. I need to practice this daily, exercise it like a muscle until it is strong enough to be consistent. It will then be an automatic conditioned response that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, under any circumstances, always present when I focus my awareness on it.

When I got up I noticed there was a slight overall tension in my muscles, still without aches. I noticed it without resistance, allowing the conditioned response to arise, because my mind/body knows how. Tapping isn’t releasing it yet. It’s okay to just let it be and I don’t need to layer resistance on top of it, like the layers of trauma I wrote about the other day. It’s here today for some higher purpose and this too shall pass. I notice again the overall relaxed blissful state of peace I feel from simply practicing it. I focus my awareness on peaceful bliss and the tiny bits of muscle tension are just a bit of background noise. Yesterday, I felt like I could say, “I think I’m back!” but I knew if I only think so, I’m not there yet. I will know it’s 100% true when it is a resounding proclamation, “I’m back!” — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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