Observe and Change My Program

Thursday I saw my old program and pattern of belief running. I played with it, started to buy into it and almost got sucked in. It is a pattern of feeling like I don’t belong, I’m outside of the group, not part of, not included, left behind, forgotten about and unacknowledged. The first indication was... Continue Reading →

Walk The Talk I Give Others

Sometimes I feel stuck, trapped in my body of symptoms and a mind full of thoughts. It’s amazing how I’ve changed so much, but there’s so much more to come. Sometimes I want to quit. Enough already! How much more must I do to be ultimately free? Is it endless? When I started this tapping... Continue Reading →

Be Independent of The Opinion of Others

I was restless when I first went to bed because of the public post I made acknowledging myself as the FasterEFT Founding Master Practitioner. I noticed the old pattern of “What will they think?” I remember the card I got that day from a fellow practitioner/client that was so kind and sweet, an affirming testimonial to me as a practitioner and a person. Although it was nice and I deeply appreciate it, I noticed that it didn’t hook me into any emotion. I noticed how I was automatically practicing the principle I learned from Wayne Dyer. Be independent of the opinion of others, good or bad, because their opinion can change. It was easy for me to get to sleep once I noticed the thoughts and how they triggered emotions. I mentally tapped to let it go and then affirmed my intention to be independent of the opinion of others.

Resisting Change Is Futile

Even if you resist taking action to change your life, your life will still change. You may hold on to what you have, your problems, unwanted behaviors, false beliefs, fears, bad habits, etc. because they make you feel safe. They feel comfortable because they are familiar, a known factor. If you practice acceptance saying, “That’s... Continue Reading →

Healed To Become A Healer

by B. Grace Jones Moving to Alaska began as a spectacular adventure. My life reached a peak I had never imagined possible. After my 40-hour work-weeks in Anchorage, I explored Alaska on weekends and holidays. I built a tight network of wonderful friends and was literally “On Top of the World.” Six years later my... Continue Reading →

Answers to Questions from YouTube Friend

All Qs: Have you really recovered from Fibromyalgia? Can you lead a normal life without flaring up whatsoever? How long have you been Fibro-free? Is there a way of doing EFT for free? Q: Have you really recovered from Fibromyalgia? How long have you been Fibro-free? A: When disabled I tried many things with minuscule... Continue Reading →

My Amazing Recovery

by B. Grace Jones Completely baffled by waves of debilitating fatigue, I pleaded with God. What is happening to me? Moving to Alaska began as an amazing adventure. Although I ultimately became totally disabled for three years, this led me to something even more amazing. For two decades I had worked full time in Oklahoma.... Continue Reading →

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