It’s still me!

Changing one’s name is an interesting phenomenon. I have done it a few times in my life. Not always did I tell all, or the most compelling reasons. After all, what anyone knows about anybody else is only their illusion of who we are. Barbara Grace Schadt at 1 year At birth I was named... Continue Reading →

Practice Bliss

It’s not as strong as yesterday, but I’m practicing bliss. Just remembering what it was like brings me back into the happy, peaceful place of acceptance and self-love. I focus my awareness on those feelings and bring it forward into this present moment. The most important part is to remember not to take everything so... Continue Reading →


Growing up in the 1950s, family travel was a real trip. Hot summer vacations with six of us packed into a 4-door sedan with no air conditioning, no seat belts and no entertainment (unless you count the white noise of an AM radio). No cell phones, game players, iPods or electronic devices of any kind.... Continue Reading →

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