Practice Bliss

It’s not as strong as yesterday, but I’m practicing bliss. Just remembering what it was like brings me back into the happy, peaceful place of acceptance and self-love. I focus my awareness on those feelings and bring it forward into this present moment. The most important part is to remember not to take everything so seriously in this Point of Contact.

I tapped in bed on low-level resistance to leaving for Oklahoma City. I’m glad I shifted out of my funk. I know I need the time away from the house and routine. My intention is to have fun, play, be light, loving and stay in the present moment. I will take one day at a time. I am going there to build relationships and have fun. There are still some lingering pieces to clean up, but by the time I get home, I intend to be able to declare a resounding, “I’m back!” Although, maybe this time I will develop a solid, long-lasting state of staying connected to my Spirit, so I don’t have to declare I’m back, because I don’t leave myself.

Waiting this long to pack is a surprising new approach for me. I think I can do it easily this evening if I maintain my mindset of it’s just not that important what I wear. I’m over the costuming aspect of dressing for seminars. I considered a return to my simple flare on Robert’s style like I did in 2009-10. That was before I was inspired by Linda’s style when I got more creative. It was fun to add my personal flare to the style they each set. Now, I could just showing up in jeans with no make up. Haha!

Peace Pilgrim impacted me several ways. I don’t want to dress the way she did, but she spread peace wherever she went, without worry. She was clean and her hair was brushed. What people loved was her inner love, acceptance and peace. Maybe it’s time for me to model that instead of outfits. I can have self-love and self-acceptance without smearing make-up on my face or being sure my clothes match. Of course, I love the pure fun and enjoyment of putting together outfits. It is my creative outlet since I no longer work in design. Plus, people express their pleasure in seeing me show up in something unusual then they wonder what I will wear the next day. Well, I’m not going in for that this seminar, maybe next time. I’ll take a few practical hats, but keep it simple.

I intend to make regular blog posts as best I can, without being rigid or push myself too hard. They may be short, but I want to continue to build the relationship with my readers. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.




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