The Sweet Zone

I am sweetly in the zone of allowing whatever IS to simply BE, without any resistance or judgment. Any physical symptom I notice I just aim and gently tap knowing my unconscious will release its resources with the manifestations. I loved Robert’s rephrased concept, “The mind holds the memory and replays it in the body.” I know as I release it from the body, it will also be released from the mind and I don’t need to know what the memory was. The conscious mind wants to label it, figure it out, analyze it, understand it and answer the question, “Why?” Give up the need to know why. Just aim at how you know it bothers you and tap to let it go.

Robert says FasterEFT is not about tapping it is about thinking. That is the key to my fast changes in the beginning. Others may not understand and may be frustrated that they don’t seem to get changes as fast. I had practiced watching my thoughts for three years before the first time I tapped with Linda over cell phones from Alaska to Oklahoma. Some people don’t understand how to use FasterEFT yet. They think they do, but are frustrated because they don’t get fast changes. In class they describe what they are doing and Robert tells them they don’t understand it from the YouTube video clips. Those are only short segments and don’t show the whole process. I tapped on a woman yesterday after she was triggered. She didn’t have a solid, positive state to access. The memory she was using had a negative to drop into, and she didn’t completely understand how to use the Happy Memory. We created a new positive state and anchored her for pullouts and flips. The positive pullouts are equally important as tapping away the negatives.

At lunch someone asked if sessions can really be effective over Skype, doesn’t it need to be in person? If cell phones work, Skype works better, but Linda didn’t have Skype then. There will be others who don’t have Skype and need phone sessions. It all works as long as you know how to use the FasterEFT system.

I read in Conversations With God Book II last night. It’s like when I read CWG Book I and Eckhart Tolle’s books, it seems like I have to think too hard to understand they are telling us not to think so hard. Don’t create an identity of the mind, but live from our heart and soul.

I am not in the flow of writing this morning; I am pensive, pausing, reflecting and simply Being. I am more inclined to sit with myself than do anything. There is so much doing in the world and I would rather create more Being in the world. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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