Nothing To Tap On

It’s still brutally cold, near 0°. For a week it’s been like an Alaskan winter with snow on top of snow and no melt in between. I’m not in a good space or a mood to write. I woke up again with TMJ head stuff, and my back is still tense. My massage was mainly good for letting me know how tight I am, but I talked through it and maybe needed to just relax and release through it.

At least I showed up last night for the Google Hangout with Ramon, Rita, Suzan and me. I learned some stuff about going live in a hangout in order to record it. I was fairly transparent with where I am, but didn’t dwell on it. I may join that call again, since it is on Monday nights and doesn’t conflict with client sessions. It’s a discussion between practitioners that is open to public viewing. Cool! Everyone shared a lot of great stuff.

I woke up early and eventually tapped when I couldn’t get back to sleep. Some interesting concepts arose. There was an image like a sheet posted of grades in columns for the memories and issues people are tapping on. My column was blank. I realized I was tapping on things that aren’t even there. Later in my semiconscious mental tapping I realized if it’s not real and it’s all made up then there’s nothing to tap on. Just stay in the present moment where I can handle everything that’s going on right now.

When I made my blog post yesterday and connected the link to Jonah’a video, I saw my daughter’s doppelgänger in a thumbnail and clicked on the video. It’s an interview with Gala Darling, a professional blogger who talks about self-love. It is uncanny how much she looks and talks like my daughter, even though she is from New Zealand. I learned some new things about blogging and re-learned some things about practicing self-love. Then I clicked on a TED talks presentation she did. She has a program called Radical Self Love and shares how one way she hugely shifted her life was with EFT. Good stuff, just what I needed again. It proves that when I take the next right step and follow the trail, it leads me were I need to go. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.


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  1. Grace,

    Thank you for offering these blog posts out into the world. I am enjoying reading them, and I find them to be a touchstone as I travel along my own journey of healing with Faster EFT.

    I realize that sometimes reading and watching videos and testimonials of other people can at times be discouraging because they often ONLY focus on the positive, quick results. Don’t get me wrong here — I am very inspired to hear of the success and progress of others, and it does indeed inspire me to continue my daily practice. But, honestly, sometimes when I watch or read about others’ quick healings, I start to wonder (or question, or judge, or compare) and ask why I’ve been having lots of ups and downs, while others seem to be soaring high and free and steady with their healing. I don’t hear a lot of people talk about the set backs that they’ve encountered along the way. Therefore, when I have set backs I kinda feel like I’m out here on my own in no-man’s-land.

    Your blog, however, is providing a real-world, down-to-earth view of things that helps me reassure myself and think, “Okay, if even Grace who is a Master FEFT Practitioner still has ups and downs, then maybe I can still have faith and keep going even when it seems like I’m not going anywhere.”

    When it comes to healing, I’d rather someone tell it to me straight, rather than sugar coat it because they’re afraid I might get discouraged and give up. I know I am committed to my journey of healing, but honestly there are days (and weeks) where I feel like I want to give up. And for me, personally, a real-world account of someone’s experiences that I can actually relate to (i.e. both the ups AND the downs) can sometimes be more uplifting and more encouraging for me than reading or watching a glowing, seemingly-miraculaous testimonial.

    So I like how you’ve chosen to chronicle your journey on a semi day-to-day basis, because it is modeling for me how you are walking yourself through this journey one day at a time. Not that our journeys are identical, of course, but I find it helpful to have a voice out there that I can turn to when I need reassurance.

    Thank You!


  2. Dear New Roots,
    I’m not sure how I missed this comment until now, but it is a wonderful blessing. Thank you for taking the time to write such a beautiful response. To know that someone, anyone, is wiling to also put themselves out here publicly in all honestly is very refreshing.

    Since I last posted I have experienced many things which took me back into stillness, silence and a process of re-evaluating everything in my life. I am letting some things fall away and creating ways to be true to my Self. It seems that I will return to blogging sometime soon with a different approach as I find my way along this path.

    Thanks for joining me and for you lovely response. Much love & peace, Grace


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