My Amazing Recovery

by B. Grace Jones

Completely baffled by waves of debilitating fatigue, I pleaded with God. What is happening to me?

Moving to Alaska began as an amazing adventure. Although I ultimately became totally disabled for three years, this led me to something even more amazing.

For two decades I had worked full time in Oklahoma. I raised a family, divorced, and fell in love with Alaska during a vacation. Burned out by my Graphic Design career, increasing job stress created new bodily symptoms. Disinterested in making a local change, I packed and headed north.

Previously, I had been treated for chest, neck, head, jaw, shoulder and back pain, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, etc. Medications were prescribed for heart palpitations, muscle spasms, inflammation, pain and insomnia. I was often referred to Physical Therapy (PT). I pushed through pain and fatigue to work, only taking sick days for “digestive problems.” My sole diagnosis was Mitral Valve Prolapse.

My new job in Anchorage was less stressful and all went well for a while. Updated medical tests confirmed I had no heart condition. I stopped taking the medication I never needed, since the side effects matched the symptoms it treated. This created a desire to phase out all medications.

My confidence in Western medicine diminished. I looked for other options. Limited by medical insurance, I found a Physician’s Assistant with knowledge of alternative therapies. I improved my nutrition, used PT exercises and heat to manage pain and spasms.

The onset of menopause began to affect my work performance. Then, personnel changes at work created incomparable stress. I wanted to change my career to the Healing Arts. I went to career counselors, who advised against it and suggested finding a different job in Graphic Design. I needed to leave my job but was incapable of making a change because of worsening depression and insomnia from menopause. I resisted taking medications and gained relief with nutritional changes and essential oils. However, I was stuck trying to survive at work and make the best of a deteriorating situation.

A decade from retirement, I developed fear around not being financially prepared. I kept my job and began to work at home to build a business and create supplemental income. I rented the spare room, was a vendor at two fairs and took two trips outside Alaska, all within four months. It was a great recipe for stress overload. I came down with a terrible sore throat and within a week was too ill to work. Completely baffled by waves of debilitating fatigue, I pleaded with God. What is happening to me? What did I do wrong? It simply came to me: This is not all about you. I knew then, whatever this experience was, somehow it would help me to help others.

Diagnosed with Mononucleosis, I did not recover within several months. After numerous tests and consultations with two medical doctors, the diagnosis was Chronic Mono and Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (FM/CFS). Western medicine had little to offer. Even with that brutal combination, I was determined to find a way to recover.

With my body feeling as if I was moving through wet concrete, I began my own research. This led to a series of alternative healing methods, which offered minimal symptom management. One theory is that FM is triggered by a trauma. I reviewed my life to determine the onset of symptoms and when they increased. I identified the possible trauma, but didn’t know what to do about it. I practiced my best what the contemporary masters teach, but still lacked skills for practical application. I inquired of God, What would I do if there were an earthquake, if I had no electricity for heat and my supplements fell into a crevasse? How would I manage to survive? I knew there must be a way to be healthy without the aid of equipment or consumable products, and I was determined to find it.

Even though I had slowly regained limited energy, I spiraled into a worsening relapse. My pain and fatigue increased and my digestive system was tolerating less food. I cried out in desperation to God, Where is my teacher? This student is ready! I knew if the student is truly ready, the teacher has already appeared. I called my friend in Oklahoma City, Linda Esser, who was recently trained as a practitioner of Emotionally Focused Transformations (Faster EFT) developed by Robert G. Smith. She had already encouraged me to try it, but I had been reluctant and doubtful. She began teaching me FasterEFT over the phone since I was finally desperate to try anything. Immediately, half my pain and fatigue vanished.

My total disability had created an intense desire to search for something to heal me, not just symptom management. When Faster EFT worked immediately, I was gratefully amazed and had an instant knowing. This will work on anything! This will be the healing wave that carries me out of the sea of disability. I will do this as my new career in healing arts! Amazed, I practiced the techniques daily. I visited Robert’s YouTube channel to study and practice more. Linda continued phone sessions for several weeks to address and release the emotional charge of past traumas.

Within ten days of daily practice, I was able to grocery shop without the motor cart, stand in line without extreme fatigue or pain, and sleep without a pill. I noted in my journal: “As I walked outside, I could feel the big difference in my muscles . . . so much more relaxed and fluid, kind of like pudding. My jaws were not in spasm, but relaxed and springy . . . I have not had any flicker of depression, nor felt lonely . . . I even did some bending and reaching . . . some of my leg aches are now the good kind, from rebuilding muscle. I am really getting my life back and way better than before. This is stellar spectacular!”

Today I am highly energetic, pain-free and building my business as a Faster EFT practitioner. When any symptoms arise, I use the techniques to heal every area of my life. These skills enable me to change my perception of my past and the world around me. I experience the freedom to change how I feel. This enables me to be free from pain and fatigue — free to live longer, be happier, feel more love and make more money. Faster EFT gives me the power to control my thoughts and emotions, and to apply what the masters teach any time, any place, to heal my life and to help others heal their lives. Thanks to God it’s not all about me.

One year after daily practicing Faster EFT, my M.D. was very impressed with my recovery. After examining me, he stated, “Well, you can’t argue with success!”

Copyright B. Grace Jones 2009

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