Stories Create Our Lives

What to choose today? I worked on the book yesterday and felt peace. The process was okay, I read and transcribed without triggers. I simply notice how I created my life then and how it’s not what I want to create now. In 2002 I felt like I was in a dead heat on a merry-go-round.... Continue Reading →

Chase Sensations and Happiness

The body is very interesting! Since I was young I noticed momentary sensations in various places and wondered, “What was that?” I soon realized not every sensation was an emergency alarm and began to ignore most things that aren’t persistent. I had shooting pains through my abdomen, weak and achy ankles, the normal itches, bruises... Continue Reading →

Powerless Wonder

I mined a gold nugget from my January 2002 journal. I had completely forgotten the phrase that came in a dream in the 1990s, “All I ever require is Powerless Wonder.” I also referred to The Great Whatever, which I’ve not forgotten, but don’t practice the way I did. That would be a good thing... Continue Reading →

Practice My Wisdom

It’s interesting that I shifted by reading my old posts, Point of Contact and Happy New Day! Oh! Yeah! That’s the stuff I need to put back into practice. How easily I sometimes forget my own wisdom. Plus I watched Robert’s video about the perfect healer for you is you. It’s all stuff I know... Continue Reading →

Being Too Hard On Myself

On email I saw someone I don’t know posted to my FaceBook timeline. I went to see if it was a dragonfly photo or something I need to take down. OMG! A beautiful flower had a quote about beliefs that was taken directly from one of my blog posts. It gave credit to Denali Dragonfly... Continue Reading →

Sitting With Myself

I sat with Maple Mocha before I could come to the page. I’m not sure where I am. On Friday my massage therapist said my energy was floating with no clue what to work on until she got to the arch of my right foot. That has been getting my attention lately. I guess I... Continue Reading →

My Big Toe

At the turn of the New Year I read from my 2001 journals. It set me on an emotional edge that I haven’t adequately released. I have not worked on my book since. I need to get rolling, but I mainly allow myself to be wherever I am in any given moment and do whatever... Continue Reading →

Be Independent of The Opinion of Others

I was restless when I first went to bed because of the public post I made acknowledging myself as the FasterEFT Founding Master Practitioner. I noticed the old pattern of “What will they think?” I remember the card I got that day from a fellow practitioner/client that was so kind and sweet, an affirming testimonial to me as a practitioner and a person. Although it was nice and I deeply appreciate it, I noticed that it didn’t hook me into any emotion. I noticed how I was automatically practicing the principle I learned from Wayne Dyer. Be independent of the opinion of others, good or bad, because their opinion can change. It was easy for me to get to sleep once I noticed the thoughts and how they triggered emotions. I mentally tapped to let it go and then affirmed my intention to be independent of the opinion of others.

My Founding Master Time

It’s time to acknowledge myself for what I did before Linda or anyone I know besides Robert. I helped set the standard for how Robert began to develop the requirements for practitioners and Masters. He had none for Masters then. He just told me in general terms what to do and I went and did it.

Can’t Help Myself

Walking to school in my early teens I noticed a silent narrative in my thoughts. I still have it because I practice it. We each are the narrator of our lives however we produce it. Maybe it is a monolog, dialog, committee meeting, or we think those voices belong to someone else. We may think we don’t have control over them, but we do.

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