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All Qs: Have you really recovered from Fibromyalgia? Can you lead a normal life without flaring up whatsoever? How long have you been Fibro-free? Is there a way of doing EFT for free?

Q: Have you really recovered from Fibromyalgia? How long have you been Fibro-free?
A: When disabled I tried many things with minuscule improvements. Faster EFT is the only thing that has RELEASED symptoms completely. I no longer have daily chronic fatigue, pain, insomnia or IBS. I no longer need expensive supplements, drugs, medical equipment or a special diet.

I started tapping on July 6, 2008. The widespread pain was gone within 6 mos. of daily tapping, but it took 13 mos. before my energy stabilized. I have not yet worked full time, nor climbed a mountain, both things I did with Fibro and before disability. Recovery is subjective. I cannot say I have recovered 100% until I do those things.

Q: Can you lead a normal life without flaring up whatsoever?
A: Compared to total disability, my life is now fairly normal. I am not house bound like before. I can bathe regularly and my daily routine is not punctuated by frequent rest periods. I work part time, travel, socialize and walk outside daily. If I push myself too hard, I may need to adjust my pace, but that happens to other people, too. Self-employment allows me to choose my pace and load. When I push too hard symptoms arise. My energy is great, but I don’t compare myself to others, only to what I was like before.

Is a “flare-up” symptom the return of Fibro or is it normal stuff like everybody else has? Am I so super sensitive to every twinge that maybe I jump to conclusions? Beware of labels that keep us stuck in old beliefs and patterns. A symptom is merely a signal that there is some issue to clear. As soon as it is released the symptoms are GONE. If I get too (normally) tired, or if I resist working on an emotional issue or past behavior pattern, I may get a localized pain or minor symptoms. It is NOT the widespread pain or fatigue of Fibro. I use Faster EFT to RELEASE whatever shows up.

Q:Is there a way of doing EFT for free?
A: Yes! I know disabled people cannot afford much. To begin healing yourself for FREE: Start with this video. Do what it says. Study everything you can find in my playlists, favorites and online about Faster EFT. Follow along and tap with the videos. Tap on YOUR stuff no matter what the demo is about. Tap every day on everything that comes up.

ASK ME QUESTIONS. The more answers I give you, the more I help you and others. If you use the Faster EFT style of tapping the process is fairly simple (classic EFT not so much). If you don’t get results, ask questions. NEVER GIVE UP.

As you begin to heal and become able to stop using expensive supplements, etc. you will have more resources to buy DVDs, books or personalized sessions to help speed your recovery. BE PERSISTENT. ASK QUESTIONS.

My disability was like a living death. I found many of you online and became your friend because I want to help whoever I can to recover like I have. Faster EFT has given me a new world and a new life. My recovery through daily practice of Faster EFT proves it as my hope of complete recovery. I want to spread that hope worldwide.

Copyright B. Grace Jones 2010

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  1. EFT is a good energy healing mechanism to improve Fibromyalgia symptoms. I used it several years ago. I now use a different energy healing tool called Sacred Cellular Healing, but I say use whatever works for you. The point is, use it. Good luck in your recovery- Cinda Crawford


  2. NOT classic EFT, FasterEFT is a comprehensive set is personal transformations skills which address body, mind & spirit. "Tapping" is only one aspect. FasterEFT will release the cause of the problem rather than simply relieve symptoms. Study FasterEFT and learn that "Memories buried alive never die." Deep, thorough recovery comes from healing the past emotional traumas stored in our unconscious mind. If SCH can do that, excellent. We are definitely on similar paths. G:-)


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