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It’s interesting that I shifted by reading my old posts, Point of Contact and Happy New Day! Oh! Yeah! That’s the stuff I need to put back into practice. How easily I sometimes forget my own wisdom. Plus I watched Robert’s video about the perfect healer for you is you. It’s all stuff I know but don’t always do, because some automatic program from my past starts running. I did more tapping and noticed the shifts came faster. The key is to ask myself, the way I do my clients, “How do you create that?” It all comes back to being my own perfect healer by using my wisdom and skills on myself first.

I took a long walk around campus, down to King Lake and around the Neosho River Campus Woods. I’m not used to the wide new path of ground asphalt. I miss the old narrow dirt path with uneven places and tree roots to dodge. I hadn’t eaten much and began to feel weak and get the shakes like I used to think was low blood sugar. I haven’t had one of those in years and I know it has nothing to do with not enough food, because I’ve had similar experiences that didn’t produce the shakes. Thanks to TRE I know there is something my mind/body is releasing with tremors. I rested, allowed it and tapped my way through it until I got home. Sometimes old beliefs die hard.

Instead of focusing on this big empty house with only me in it, I need to focus on all the free time and space I have to do whatever I want, mainly work on my book. Instead of thinking about all the relationships that ended last year, look at all the current and new relationships it gives me time to build.

I finished the Tenth Season of Friends yesterday, except for the gag reels. Somehow I needed to do that before I could really let got of some of my stuff. There is an element of letting go of the past as you grow and move into the future. It’s painful, but you know it’s time. I’ve seen it all before, knew how it ends, but I still cried and tapped my way through it because the feelings are in me.

I’m still having that lumpy gas thing going on in my digestion even when there is no food in my stomach. I’ve been tapping more just on the symptoms. I figure it is connected to my family of origin issues. I’ve had it in the past and it goes away, but I wish this would go away faster. Just keep tapping. — © B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Hi wonderful Grace. Thank you for showing me the way to these posts of wisdom! It is so true that as we embark on this journey of self-discovery, healing and reinvention, that we take in so much knowledge. So much PRECIOUS knowledge that at the time serves us well and brings us many a lightbulb moment! Then, time ticks by and more knowledge floods in, and some of the precious gems get further back in our book. You have reminded me that I am also writing my own priceless book of healing wisdom and I have all the answers within me now. It’s time to trust myself and move forward.

    It’s funny how one little blog can hold a true gem. I have ‘blood sugar’ shakes too. Thank you for providing me an alternative thought on these. For so long, I thought it was just me. That I am going just a little bit mad!I have tapped it out a couple of times, and will continue to do so. Did you manage to get rid of yours pretty much? I’ll need to look into this TRE.

    Yours most gratefully, Nicky x


    1. The important lesson I learned from TRE is that tremors and shakes are the body’s natural response to release trauma or stress. I just notice and allow them and tap my way through. I hardly ever have them at all anymore. This was an unusual occurrence.

      I have also worked with clients who had tremors in their session. Again it is a natural form of release and shifting. We allow it an keep tapping until it stops. G:-)


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