Real Time

Who will I be if I let go of my stories? Writers attract and create stories. Who will we be if we try to have a conversation without telling each other our stories? What will we talk about? Concepts, principles, wisdom, lessons, but sometimes it is the story that illustrates to give a clear understanding. So there is a time and place for the story, as long as we are not addicted to and stuck in our story.

I have lived and learned so much since my last blog post in early June. The semi-daily posts stopped mid-March when I returned to work on my book. The last three were spaced far apart after that, and I worked on the book for two months before I stopped again. (But that’s a story for another post.)

Many of the lessons I have learned since then would likely be helpful to others, if only I would share. For months I needed to simply BE HERE NOW, and I practiced that a lot. I spent large chunks of many days being still and silent, this time by choice, not like when it was forced by being disabled.

My automatic program is to pick up where we left off or find a starting point for the long chronological story to catch up my followers. Does life really happen in a linear timeline? I agree with those who say all we have is NOW, the present moment, and we can only BE HERE NOW. If our mind thinks of some other place or time, then that creates a trance. Anita Moorjani and Neal Donald Walsh describe time not as linear but as everything past, present and future is happening now. If we had been taught that concept as children, it would be an automatic belief. But we live our lives by the human constructs of linear time, even though Leap Year reminds us it isn’t accurate. So how can it be real?

Can I let go of my chronological stories if I grab hold of the vertical concept of time? Imagine everything is happening in layers that are stacked on top of each other like sheets of paper on an old desk spindle or spike file. For the process of sharing the concepts and principles I’ve recently explored, maybe I can let go of my linear stories. The spindle brings me to a vertical starting point (pun intended).

I read the spindle description in Conversations With God Book II. Instantly I visualized it and simultaneously that my ex-husband’s Spiritual Presence is in every layer of my Eternal Spiritual Experience. For the first time since our divorce 20 years ago, he and I were having our most honest and open phone and email conversations, and we agree that we met as Soul Mates. So what happened? Again, that’s another story. I’m here to talk about concepts and principles without personality details and only the necessary stories for illustration. That is the biggest shift in my process and will change the direction of my book. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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