Technique To Release Pressure

Pressure Release Technique

I resist using things that are associated with FEFT and that leads me to explore another technique that works. I often use the karate chop point that they mostly stopped because people associate it with the EFT setup process, “Even though I have this…” It works well for self-acceptance and forgiveness. That is the ultimate goal, so I use it.

Walking toward the insurance agency, I notice energy drain and gut symptoms. That’s just how my body responds to pressure. I can tap away these feelings, but don’t want to and think of mental tapping. I simply notice the sensations, set the intention and repeatedly think, “Let it go, I’m safe.” One can mentally hit all points simultaneously. With that simple mental technique, after I step inside the office, I comfortably stand 15 minutes or more to wait for another customer to finish. The technique worked great!

Some pressure was released now that I will pay much less for homeowners insurance. Cut to the bones, except for personal liability, medical, pipes bursting, water, mold, trees falling, glass breakage, collapse, and $1,000 deductible; my monthly payments will be $78 instead of $219. I feel alone having to make big decisions. How nice it might be to have a partner, but some partners make it harder instead of easier. When I remember that I feel more content about solo decisions.

Better Blogging With SEO

Nothing in my pages yesterday seemed like blog material. Posts with relevance are important, not obligatory fillers, so I skipped it. There were many updates to make on my neglected website. Once the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) was working again, I reviewed the last three posts and made edits to improve the SEO and readability ratings.

Yeah, I know I said I wasn’t going to do much editing, but what good is a post if it’s hard to find or read, it won’t help others. That is my hope, but also the process of personal posts helps me be transparent and accountable to whoever. The patterns of masks and secrecy that most humans practice are not healthy. We are all humans who make mistakes, need help and need to know we are not alone, even if we live alone. Plus, the SEO suggestions are helpful to improve my writing skills. After all, that is one of my primary purposes for writing every day.

Adaptability & Flexibility

The focus today is getting the house clean enough to show an agent for possible rental referrals. I need to see if the ESU business department will work me into the Venture Alliance program this semester. That piece of information my real estate advisor doesn’t know yet, and one reason I’m not ready to pull the Airbnb plug on the basement apartment. I have not exhausted the possibilities at ESU, not just for international students, but also sports team members.

OMG! I just got a call in response to my job application last week. She wants me to come in at 1:45 for an interview. I agreed, so that changes my plans. My intention is adaptability and flexibility and I will also keep it for working a part time job.

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