Keep My Own Counsel

(Excerpt from Morning Pages)

The longer I keep my distance from certain influences, continue to study others and mainly keep my own counsel, the more I get clarity on beliefs that may not be consistent with the Greater Whole of Wisdom. For example, the teaching in E2 about food is contradictory to other beliefs. As I would bless my food, thank it and tell it I love it, I realized there is nothing wrong with loving food. There’s nothing wrong with preparing food with loving intentions. In fact it is good. But some seem to teach the opposite. I get what they mean, but it comes across as if food is just food and it will never love you back, but the truth may be that it does love us back by bringing nourishment and enjoyment into our lives and bodies. The latter was the main form of prayer I began to use even as I prepared my food. In fact if everything is made up primarily of water and we believe Emoto’s evidence of The Message in Water, then every thought and intention about our food and ourselves is paramount.

If I am to post some of these ruminations on my blog, I believe I need to edit out specifics and put it in more general terms. That is the clarity I got on Christmas day when I considered making a post. I did not ask for approval or permission, because that’s not who I want to be. I want to take my own counsel, decided what is right for me on my own. How would I feel, or how would I think they might feel. Then I’ll decided autonomously. I decided I must do my best to practice principles before personalities in public blog posts.

Keeping my own counsel is something I need more practice with. Pam Grout gave an example in E2 that stuck in my mind. There is a successful inventor of many wonderful accomplishments who she learned could not read. He said it was intentional because he didn’t want to be overly influenced with limiting beliefs of others. Hum. That makes sense to me. Again, I remember how important it is to be careful what I allow to go into my mind, because whether or not I believe it is true, if it goes in, the unconscious has to store it somehow. That’s why when I hear people discussing limiting beliefs that I don’t agree with, I immediately start tapping so it doesn’t go in and get stuck in my head and my unconscious thinks it’s true or real and tries to use it.

I spent most of New Year’s Eve in front of the fire, reading old journals that led me to finding old journal tapes. I listened to the first one after I moved to Alaska. It was a bit tedious to listen to my slow talking, but eventually I struck gold. It was so interesting to here it audibly. I talked about Alaska in a dreamy, romantic tone of voice as if I was absolutely head-over-heals in love with a man. Well the truth is, I do love Alaska as much as any person. It had all the same components of any new romance I’ve had in the past. Even leaving Alaska, was as hard as leaving a human lover, and I still hang onto going back. I still have my Camry and a storage unit full of furniture to set me up when I do. I just don’t know when, because I know I’m supposed to be right where I am in Emporia for now.

© B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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