I create more visibility in my life

It’s taking a while to integrate into wakefulness. I’m a bit spacey and not quit ready to come to the page. But here I am anyway.

I succeeded in doing a workday without glasses. My session was very good, a starting point for how to continue persistently tapping and practicing perfect vision. I know I can do this. My eyes felt much better after the session and I had some gifts of mental clarity, but visually there doesn’t seem to be a change.

I got a bit frustrated watching comedy, and decided to put on the single vision glasses that were there in the basket beside me. That lasted about three seconds because I could feel the muscles in my eyes straining to focus through them. Even though it made everything clear and crisp, I didn’t like the way my eyes felt having to strain. I didn’t want to retrain them to use glasses, since that feels like they are retraining to learn to see clearly without glasses. I don’t want to lose the ground I have gained.

The dilemma is driving. Either I start walking everywhere I go until I can get my eyes tested to clear for driving without glasses, or I have to use glasses to drive. Walking seems to be the first choice, as long as things are in reasonable distance and the weather is good. Today I have a massage, so the issue is forced.

Skype to Japan will be okay, since having the screen fairly close to me is normal and I can see most everything on it clearly, unless it is a print document. Even on the iMac I only have to enlarge it 200% instead of 300% on the MacBook that still sits on the coffee table further away.

I posted an excerpt from my Morning Pages yesterday, and don’t know if I will today or not. It depends if I come up with anything worthy. I didn’t share it on any of the social media pages, since it’s not monumental stuff, but it’s there, a couple of nuggets if anyone is really interested now or later. Another reason for blogging frequently is I learned that search engines will sort things higher in the results if there is regular activity on a website. Even if I only have one nugget to post, a daily post is a good thing for creating more visibility online. Hum. There’s a good word to use in my affirmations. “I create more visibility in my life.”

I may have to go downstairs and get the affirmation my practitioner gave me as a suggestion. It is a good one and I will use it. She pulled out the piece about perfectionism and how I don’t see perfectly because of all the imperfections in life that bother me. I don’t know, if nothing else, maybe I should post my process of healing my vision online. I can really put myself out there for others to see (LOL another vision word). There are surely so many ways I represent my world in visual terms. I know I am mainly kinesthetic, but I am also very visual.

There is the piece about creating clear vision that is just another way I would like to gain acknowledgement from my siblings. Maybe then they will be able to see me if I can prove to them that I can heal my eyesight, which is a longstanding family pattern. We also got to that piece in the session, that I was the last one, and it was a big deal to get glasses. I was really excited about getting them. It made me more a part of the family. So, it’s no surprise that now the family has fallen away, I am directing my focus toward autonomy and visualizing a new paradigm in my life.

Okay, I suppose I will post this stuff about my eyesight and be accountable to the world to stick with it. I’m sure that whatever I do will help someone else along the way, even if they are healing something different. I will explore all the ways I practice self-healing.

© B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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