Practice What I Teach

At first I thought Peaceful Plateau would be an easy edit. It was short and to the point. I could make quick edits and post. I didn’t feel the message from the day I wrote it, but kept editing. Over and over I changed, reworded, rearranged and thought it would be done soon. I couldn’t get there. Every time I thought, this is the final read, something else didn’t sound or feel right. I whacked it again and again. The concepts come straight out of my Morning Pages. I know what I mean, but the reader may not. I turn it around in my head trying to imagine a different perception to see if others will understand my point.

I still felt flat and uninspired, but diligently went through the motions. Keep moving, I’m too far behind. I wrote that four days earlier when I felt entirely different on a Peaceful Plateau. I wasn’t there anymore, but kept editing. I don’t know when the magic moment happened, or what exactly triggered it, but the repetition of practicing the concepts intellectually in my head, even though I wasn’t feeling them, suddenly shifted me. I came out of my funk and began to feel the release I was reading about. I am the student of the teacher that wrote those pages. The posts are more for me than anyone and we can share the wisdom, practice the lessons.

I notice a shift in my Morning Pages. Now I write thinking about how what I experience can be shared with others. I used to just ramble on to myself about myself, but now I feel part of the greater whole of humanity. Even if I don’t share it, the energy vibrations still go out into the universe and affect the whole. I sort and create better vibrations to send consciously instead of letting my unconscious put out trash.

I let the fire die around 3:00. I attempted to go out for a walk. Just that I tried was a big shift. It was 27° with a wind chill of 20°. I came back twice to add layers. I got as far as campus. There was too much ice in places and the wind was biting my face. I came back and restocked the woodpile by the fireplace. I needed time away from editing. If I power through, it may become muddled. It helps to take breaks and come back fresh. It was 9:00 p.m. when I posted it on my blog and it still needed changes. Ha! I thought it would be easy. Oh well, the process shifted me and I am grateful.

Maybe it’s similar to a self-healing process I teach my clients. If you can’t get a shift, imagine what you would tell me to help me understand what you are doing inside. Then use your words, representations and references to heal yourself. Explaining my concepts to the blog readers helps me sort them out for myself. It makes deeper groves and shifts in my brain. If it doesn’t shift right away, take a break, do something different and come back refreshed.

I tapped a little as I edited and it is a good example of how I have installed the automatic FasterEFT program. Now my unconscious knows how to heal me faster than when I began. The key is, just do it, whether I feel like it or not. Otherwise I am practicing what I say I don’t want and getting better at that. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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