Why Am I Not Healed Yet?

I awoke with pain across my lower back. Now what! I tapped so I could get up. I still tap as I write and drink Maple Mocha. My mind/body system knows how to get my attention with similar symptoms that once disabled me. Just because I have pain today doesn’t mean the Fibromyalgia is back. It just means that’s how my system gets my attention to heal deeper. Besides, if I can tap it away once I can tap it away again.

It’s frustrating when clients compare themselves to what they see in the videos. “Why am I not healed yet?” Please understand only the successes are posted. Not everyone gets it fast or the same way you see online. People don’t promote slow or no changes. After a fast change there is still work to do. Some people quit because their expectations aren’t met of getting exactly what they see in a video. My experience isn’t like anyone else, and yours won’t be either. We each create and process differently. I watched videos of Eric and other practitioners. Is that my experience? Do I understand and process that way? Not exactly, but there are similarities. Some can hear others who can’t hear me and vice versa. I share what I know from training and experience but I don’t know it all. Comparison is counter-productive and keeps us stuck. To hold specific expectations is like projected judgments. It puts limitations on The Universe of infinite possibilities.

The client last night wants to know why she can’t heal the way Heather explained in a testimonial video posted July 5, 2013. I didn’t watch it then because I was in an emotional eclipse. My two sisters were living here helping care for our dying Mother and my family from Japan was visiting in America. After the session last night I watched that video and my first response was similar, “How did Heather get it in 3.5 months and it took me 2.5 years?” I’m sure there are a lot of factors like age, length of illness and how we process differently. It was only five months since she started tapping. It’s typical to be euphoric in the beginning after big shifts. My enthusiasm was similar, “It will work on anybody for anything!” The newbie is on fire and fans the flames higher and brighter to give more people hope.

If you look at who practices FasterEFT and has been around a few years you notice we still have problems to tap on, even Robert. After tapping about five years Linda produced cancer and died. After tapping about three years Deirdre produced cancer and lives well. Others face different challenges after tapping for years. Who knows what we will face down the road? Life and death happen. People don’t agree with us. Changes happen without our consent or approval. We adapt to them faster by tapping. FasterEFT can produce immediate results, but it’s also a self-maintenance coping skill. We each have our path to follow. If we were the same many would not find help and hope. Keep tapping. Someone out there needs to hear your unique story because they may not be able to relate to others. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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