Tapping In My Sleep

I may slow down on blog posts to get back to work on the book. I enjoy staying in the present. The process helps me work through my stuff, stay current and help others now. I know the book will help others too, but I have to dig into the past to do it. Somehow I need to figure a way to dig in the past while I stay in the present moment.

I love waking up to automatic mental tapping. I tapped away the lower back pain yesterday, but it was back this morning when I awoke. I tapped and drifted back to sleep in a semi-conscious state and automatically mentally tapped on things. I have no clue what they were now but I became conscious enough to know I was mentally tapping in my sleep. I love when my unconscious takes every opportunity to heal me.

Wow I just realized I was still writing with the view in small print without my glasses. Nice! There is improvement in my vision.

It’s -4° now, there has been no snowmelt because of the cold, but it was sunny all day yesterday. It looks like we got about 6 inches, but I don’t know officially. ESU was closed again today.

I’m not in a Morning Pages mood today. I don’t have a session this morning, one this afternoon and then mine this evening. I feel like working on the book. Instead of doing that last night I edited two posts for the blog to try to catch up. I might do that this morning too, maybe I will get bored and it will motivate me to get back to work on the book. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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