Float In The Moment

Sunday I allowed myself to be and do whatever arose in the moment. I noticed my power to create whatever I wanted and when I finished something simply sit and ask myself, “What do you want to create now?” I wait for the answer to arise without pressure. It’s nice to have a three-day break from blogging.

A friend called and suggested we meet for the concert at 7:00. I said I might, but was staying in the moment. I began to listen to Dr. Joe Dipenza’s audio recordings of the Art of Change and The Reinvention of Self. It’s close to the principles Robert teaches; only Dr. JD gives it a scientific spin. His information is a good introduction and follow-up support. I love it so far. It helps me understand from a practical point of view what I have already done to reinvent my life. It inspires me to continue to take control of what I create. Dr. JD gives four modalities that are helpful to make personality changes and one of them is EFT.

As I listened to Dr. JD I realized it’s no wonder my siblings don’t know how to respond to me anymore. Look at how powerfully I have changed my life already. It may be so outside of their experience and perception they can’t see it, like in the movie What The Bleep Do We Know? when the native couldn’t see the ships on the horizon. There may be no receptors conditioned to receive the information. All I can do is my best to be the change I want to see.

I decided to go to the concert then got a call from my friends who had to change their plans unexpectedly. I went alone and glad I went. It is wonderful to hear a live music performance. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was a strings ensemble with oboe followed by an oboe solo. A different string ensemble with a clarinet followed that with a piece by Brahms. I closed my eyes and floated on the music for most of the concert. It was outstanding.

At home I looked to see if my parents had a CD with the piece by Brahms. I sat on the floor sorting CDs and pulled out things I don’t want and started a pile for my sister. It wasn’t long before my lower left buttock, hip and back, became very painful and I could hardly move. I finished sorting one rack and got up to tap away the pain and thoughts about my siblings that had come up.

I need this time with little contact from others to sort out how I will reinvent my life and create what I want in relationships. When we resume conversations, I want to be grounded in my new patterns of belief and behavior so I wont be triggered. I want to love and accept them and myself just the way we are, and not buy into the old patterns of belief and behavior, just like at the seminar. I want to notice, observe, and even if I play with it briefly, quickly rise above and flip it around. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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