Keep It Simple

Saturday I knew I wanted to pack and leave OKC as soon as possible so I did. I played with ideas in my head about what to do when I get home? I thought I still needed to sit with myself. As soon as I got home to an empty house all I knew is that I didn’t want to sit here alone yet. I had just spent four hours driving alone. Even after a week full of socializing and helping people I didn’t feel an intense need for silence or alone time. If Mother were here it would be different, but she’s not. I think it affected me more on this return than in October. I also noticed I felt Linda’s physical absence and spiritual presence more at this seminar than before.

Unloading and carrying clothes up the front steps I heard a vehicle stop in the street behind me. It was my neighbor and friend who called out “Welcome home Grace.” How sweet! I called out, “Thank you and thanks for everything,” since she had watched the house. It was after 5:30 and I knew they were headed off to do something fun on a Saturday evening and that’s what I want to do. As soon as everything was in the house, I did not unpack. I tapped a little, but knew I just wanted to be with my hometown friends. I went to the phone and kept calling friends until I found one available to meet for a visit at Mulready’s.

We sat and talked for almost two hours. We shared where we each are on our spiritual paths. It’s about being the observer of the creator; notice how we create what we don’t want. Then just stop, shift and begin to focus on the good stuff and create what we do want. We agree we are on parallel paths practicing the same concepts using different skills to arrive at the same resolution.

I haven’t posted to my blog for two days now. I need the break. I’ m not sure I want to spend my day that way. I will stay in the flow of the moment. Maybe it is time to return to the book and slow down on the blog, or somehow figure out how to do both.

Everything is in Divine Order and I needed this last two months to shift from thinking that I need to use new fancy techniques in order to heal and help others heal. I don’t. A client/practitioner helped me see that, too. They had a lot of sessions with other practitioners during the week and said that even with all the fancy stuff others use, the deepest changes were with me using the basics and cleaning up all the sub-modalities. That is the piece I need before I return to the book. Just keep it simple. The basics are what healed me. If you know correctly how to use the basics, don’t worry about the fancy stuff. I have returned to the basics for my self-healing. Thanks to Eric Robins for the reminder. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.


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