How Do I Flip the Attitude Switch?

I need to flip a switch on my attitude. I’ve done it before, but how? Do I start tapping again? Maybe I could use it just for whatever I need to change right now. Don’t do the deep digging into the past; don’t buy into the belief that my whole world can magically be transformed. I will always be me, but I know there is a happier, freer me inside. I seem to have lost that in the fallout after leaving the world of FasterEFT.

Many times I hear someone describe a problem, fear, habit, symptom, whatever, and I silently think, “You could tap on that…” It’s just another automatic conditioned response that has been programmed into my mind. This has been part of my time of silence to let go of that indoctrination. Now my follow-up silent thought is “…but I’m not going to tell you how. You will find your way to your own solutions.

I’m done indoctrinating others, but first I have to clear the doctrines I hold that I no longer condone. What a chore! What a dilemma for me to have used skills to help myself, and not feel safe sharing them with others.

Lying awake for an hour in the night, I wondered where and what was that switch I used before. Was it Jin Shin Jyutsu? I was not in the mood to wake up enough to try the Main Central again. The first time I had a session, I truly felt as if someone had pushed the reset button on my body, which in turn affects the rest of my being.

I’m already weary of trying to edit to accommodate the SEO and readability suggestions. It seems to be discouraging me from my original intention, to simply share some of my random thoughts and feelings that spill out in my journal pages.

© Copyright B. Grace Jones 2017 All Rights Reserved.

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