Can’t Help Myself

Walking to school in my early teens I noticed a silent narrative in my thoughts. I still have it because I practice it. We each are the narrator of our lives however we produce it. Maybe it is a monolog, dialog, committee meeting, or we think those voices belong to someone else. We may think we don’t have control over them, but we do.

Resisting Change Is Futile

Even if you resist taking action to change your life, your life will still change. You may hold on to what you have, your problems, unwanted behaviors, false beliefs, fears, bad habits, etc. because they make you feel safe. They feel comfortable because they are familiar, a known factor. If you practice acceptance saying, “That’s... Continue Reading →

Fear and Resistance

Q. Thank you Grace for your video and your sincere and true way of coming across to us. I want to start tapping regularly. Can you please guide me as to how many times I should_ tap at a stretch? And should I focus on one thing at a time because as I am tapping... Continue Reading →

Answers to Questions from YouTube Friend

All Qs: Have you really recovered from Fibromyalgia? Can you lead a normal life without flaring up whatsoever? How long have you been Fibro-free? Is there a way of doing EFT for free? Q: Have you really recovered from Fibromyalgia? How long have you been Fibro-free? A: When disabled I tried many things with minuscule... Continue Reading →

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