Q&A: What do I do if I tapped and my Fibromyalgia is still there?

Q Guai4life has made a comment on YouTube video 31. How To Tap Faster EFT Style, Grace Jones:
what do you do when you have tapped all of my bad past and my fibromyalgia is still there what do i do?

A Because the unconscious mind is about 90% in control, I don’t believe it is possible to be certain that I have tapped away all my bad memories. My experience has been that the more stuff I clear, the more stuff comes up to be cleared. Sometimes memories I have cleared will pop up months later, with a different aspect that I did not address previously. So, I tap that away too. This is all normal. FasterEFT is a set of powerful coping skills that I will continue to use daily the rest of my life.

The way I primarily cleared my Fibromyalgia symptoms was to identify when they first began and when they became more severe and frequent. I asked myself, “What was going on in my life before and during those times?” This led me to several physical and emotional traumas and when I cleared those, my symptoms began to decrease. From the very beginning I continued daily practice of FasterEFT to release whatever comes up.

If you don’t have memories, then tap on whatever physical symptoms you have or however you know you have this problem. It may be a feeling, a picture, a sound, smell, etc. Maybe it is just a knowing or a belief. Keep it simple and just tap on one specific thing at a time, until it is gone, then flip it to positive before you move onto the next. As you tap, continue to ask your mind to give you answers to where this may have come from.

Whenever I have a symptom, I begin tapping on the physical sensations and ask my mind, “What could be the past references that support this?” Whatever my mind gives me, even if I think it is totally unrelated, I go to it and clear it. Then something else may pop in. As I go to each memory and clear it, my unconscious mind continues to reveal more memories. It leads me down a path, which eventually may take me to the big memory that will give me the big changes I desire. But first, I had to clear a lot of memories that seemed unrelated. This may take three hours, three months or more. The key is to keep tapping. Persistence is your best friend. Everyone is different. Some people have tapped on things for over a year before they got the desired relief, but they persisted and they succeeded.

If at all possible it is best to do several sessions with a FasterEFT practitioner to be sure you are applying all the key aspects of the techniques. If you are tapping on your own (without practitioner guidance), study all the free FasterEFT videos online and follow the instructions as closely as possible. In the beginning, it helped me to take notes and tap along with the videos online. If it wasn’t the same issue as mine, I aimed at my issue and kept replaying the video until mine was clear.

Another huge help was to buy some of Robert Smith’s FasterEFT Training DVDs. I would watch one each morning as part of my daily routine while I was drinking my tea. I would tap along with all the demos. It is a great boost to getting my day started and certainly worth every minute and every penny.

If you have further questions, please leave them below in the comments section of this blog post. Click here to order FasterEFT Training DVDs under the products tab.

I hope this helps. Love & Peace, Grace

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