Can’t Help Myself

Walking to school in my early teens I noticed a silent narrative in my thoughts. I still have it because I practice it. We each are the narrator of our lives however we produce it. Maybe it is a monolog, dialog, committee meeting, or we think those voices belong to someone else. We may think we don’t have control over them, but we do. I tell my clients sometimes you just have to tell that negative thought to SHUT UP! Then redirect your focus back to the positive thoughts. If it’s in you it’s yours and you can take control. We are not victims, but some modalities support that belief with an increasing number of labels for “disorders.” There is no disorder. Everything is in Divine Order. Whatever you create is yours so take control. Be the creator of your life and narrate the way you want.

My answers for two email inquiries are along similar lines. Both inquirers repeatedly create their problems with their focus and thoughts. It can be as simple as notice the thoughts but don’t judge or object to them, because your mind is automatically doing what it has been trained to do. Your focus on the problem, the resistance, avoidance and fear of it, have only created more of the problem. You are practicing what you say you don’t want. Whatever you practice, you perfect. No wonder you are experiencing it every day because you  allow your mind to recreate it. It’s time to say to yourself, “STOP IT!” and redirect your thoughts to what you really want in life. Focus on the good stuff instead of what you say you don’t want. Stop practicing what you don’t want. You are not a puppet on a string. You have control of the strings if you will take control of your thoughts.

The first three words of one message may be their metaphor, “Can’t help myself…” That’s the key you need to turn around. Become willing to help yourself by taking control of the things only you have control over, YOUR thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. The message includes long lists of diagnoses, alternative modalities they tried and a string of email rejections from other practitioners. There are many people with this pattern of trying to prove they are hopelessly sick and can’t find anything that helps. They look outside themselves where they will never find their answer. They create more support for their belief that keeps them stuck in a victim consciousness. They are not broken but perfectly create what they practice. No one can do the work for them. If they want to change, they have to take responsibly for what they allow the narrator in their head to practice. A good practitioner can only guide them, but everyone has to do their own work.

Consider the possibility the only reason a belief is true is because you believe it to be true. Suspend the old belief long enough to open yourself up to an infinite field of possibilities where a new belief may become true by simply focusing your attention on it. Practice the new belief, imagine it to be true, feel it, see it, affirm it any way you can. Whenever the old belief pops in, confront it and tell it to STOP. Be firm but kind to yourself. Then turn your focus on the new belief and practice that more than you did the negative belief. Take control of your internal narrator. The most effective skill set I use for this is the 2008 FasterEFT system.    © B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Here are some links to playlists of several videos that may help you.

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One thought on “Can’t Help Myself

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  1. Grace,

    Whoa, this one caught me right betwwen the eyes! I needed to read this! I am trying so hard to focus my thoughts on a better way, but I look and I am doing it again! and again!
    It feels like trying to clean the whole house when the kids keep spilling Kool aid on the kitchen floor. How do you get to the house when the kids keep making work right now? LOL
    Thanks Grace ,I love reading these!


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