Q & A: Fear of becoming dependent on FasterEFT

Q: Dear Grace,

first of all, thank you!

For the way you explain and precise things and you open up and disclosure your story.

It was April when I “came across” Robert Smith’s work on Youtube. I ordered my first dvd set (Mind Of A Healer) with some difficulties (which got me into contact with your friend Linda Esser, who was extremely helpfull) due to some problems on the webpage and I finally have the dvds here with me. But ..

Even though one hour or so ago I found a clip on your channel on how (technical) exactly to do the tapping, there is a “but”. I also heard it from Robert in his videos that this is a livelong technique. And here is my “but”: I am somehow afraid to be dependent on something to do for my lifetime – on a deeper level one could say it is a fear of making a commitment.
I know, we are dependent on breathing and eating and sleeping and other activities we have to do our lifetime through. It is not a logical plea, it is diffus and emotional. I realy hope, no I am sure you understand what I mean. From the experience with your clients. Can you give me a hint?

Thank you again,
yours sincerely, Elsa

A: Dear Elsa,

You are most welcome and thank you for your kind words and your question. It is a very good question and I am sure many people have the same feeling.

First of all, you don’t have to tap the rest of your life. It is a choice. If you start with just tapping one day at a time and see how it works, you can then freely choose to continue or not. I suggest you start by tapping on the resistance. It seems you may be resisting the commitment to tap because you don’t want to create a lifelong dependency on anything. I can certainly appreciate that, because that is why I didn’t want to take drugs, supplements or use expensive equipment. But I did do all of those things temporarily, until I found FasterEFT, which enabled me to wean myself off all those things completely. (Have you read my story yet?)

I suggest that you may be feeling the resistance to tap the rest of your life, based on a dependency to an old belief and/or a past reference of your “fear of making a commitment.” Explore that belief/fear. Where did it come from, what are the past references, the memories, associations or relationships that support it? That is how the unconscious mind works to protect you and keep you safe. Some of the past unconscious programs, which continue to run automatically in the background, are no longer serving you. What FasterEFT does is give you the skills to choose which programs, beliefs, behaviors and emotions to keep and which ones to release. It enables your conscious and unconscious mind to communicate with each other and the body, to empower you to release the stress and whatever else you don’t want. It gives you the power to control your thoughts and emotions, therefore your behaviors and your life. That completely opens up the future for you to create the life of your dreams.

The big question is, if I let go of what I am doing now, “Who will I be?” We are so invested in who we think we have become, because it is familiar and makes us feel safe, even if what we produce is not good for us. We create an identity out of our beliefs and all the unconscious programming that is really running the show. But we did not really choose it. We learned it from our parents, family, teachers, etc. as we grew up. The unconscious mind did an excellent job of recording it to enable us to survive in our environment at that time. But we are not there anymore and it’s time to tell the unconscious mind to let go of those childish programs. It is not who we truly are. We are a dynamic being who is constantly learning and changing.

If you just tap for a time, you get changes for the time you tap. That is good. But life will always present challenges and new relationships. If you don’t tap and do continue to use your old coping skills, (like running away, burying it in the back of your mind, overeating, drinking & drugging, over sleeping, procrastinating, escaping into TV & movies, etc.) your emotions and behavior may revert to what they were before you began tapping. More unconscious programs will be installed. Some may build on past issues with lots of supporting references that were never fully released. You will get out of it exactly what you put into it. That’s why I choose to tap every day to heal every area of my life. My goal is personal control and freedom.

I hope this helps you understand why we suggest it as a life-long process. If you choose to take control of your thoughts, emotions and life, FasterEFT is an excellent set of coping skills, the best I have found to enable that process.

I wish you the best in your personal journey. Please let me know if I can be of service in any way.

Love & Peace,

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