I increase my focus on long-term clarity.

The Universe conspired with me not to wear my glasses driving because my car wouldn’t start. I walked briskly with cape flying and stayed on the sidewalks that I knew would be shoveled. It only took me 20 min. and I still had a good long massage.

We talked about the vision thing, and I said I am open to outside help, even though I would like to heal it completely with FasterEFT, I just want to heal it, whatever it takes. She may be able to give me suggestions via dowsing, but we didn’t have time for that. She could tell by my energy that the process is shifting a lot of things in my body.

Day seven was discouraging. If anything my vision seemed worse. I tapped on the annoyance of not seeing clearly and wanting to just put my glasses on. I was going to work on my book, but I kept distracting myself with sorting. All of a sudden my desktop has too many files on it that I need to clean up that I hadn’t noticed before.

I began to get uncomfortable, noticing the slight oncoming sensations of the roving chest cramps. Just that tiny hint caught my attention and I started tapping immediately. I wondered what in the world is my Unconscious trying to tell me? I just had a massage, my body seemed like it was in fairly good shape, so what’s this about now? The book? I’m avoiding working on it? I’ve distracted myself. My Unconscious knows what’s coming next in the journal I’m reading and it’s giving me a preview of coming attractions. LOL How true that was.

Am I using this no glasses thing to avoid working on my book? I had observed that I was restless, irritable; uncomfortable with whatever task I was working on. So what’s going on? I decided not to let the no glasses thing stop me from working on the book. I pulled my single vision computer glasses out of the case and put them on for a minute. There was no strain in my eye muscles, but I took them off and gave it some thought. What bothered me most was the feeling of them on my face and around my ears. I hadn’t noticed being bothered much wearing my non-prescription sunglasses while I walked.

I decided to wear my computer glasses so I could keep working on my book, but only when I needed them for transcribing or file management. If I was just reading the journal I took them off and held it closer. Even though I liked seeing the sharp clear images and letters again, I still didn’t like the feeling of wearing glasses so I take them off readily.

When I went in to watch comedy, I again became frustrated with not being able to see the menu titles and expressions. It seemed there had been no improvement and maybe even lost the gain I had made. I tapped on the frustration, but a couple of times I put my glasses on briefly to see the detail of the costumes and then took them off again, because I didn’t like how they felt and I still don’t want to derail this process.

Honestly, I was discouraged and frustrated with it more than any day yet. I had hoped that a session devoted to it would make a noticeable improvement, but it didn’t. If anything it seems worse. Well that’s a typical abreaction or healing process. We stirred things up and cleaned up what we could, but there’s more to do and my Unconscious is letting me know. This is where I get to be more persistent and keep tapping more on everything that comes up, every tiny negative thought or belief.

Giving up was a consideration. I was ready to throw in the towel. What was I thinking to go public with this? Now I can’t stop, I’m held accountable to my readers, if there are any. Maybe I could pull it down and no one will notice, but I will know and the few people I’ve told personally will know if I give up now.

The truth is that I KNOW I can heal this. If a blind man can heal, so can I. I know of two Aussies whose eyesight was healed after one FasterEFT session. We know it can happen, but I don’t have the belief that it will happen that way for me. I have worked on all the age 7-9 memories I can think of that could be the cause. So I’m shooting in the dark, using global phrases for my Unconscious to heal it whether I know what it is or not.

It was second grade when I started wearing glasses. What I didn’t want to see in my life at that time was my Grandmother dying. I have done so much work around that, but I know there are still a few parts and pieces to clean up. I also noticed that shortly before that session I began to get symptoms in my throat. I tapped on them then. We tapped on them in the session and I still have a bit of them now to tap on. Obviously there is something about not being able to speak out, feeling stuck and trapped, all my primary patterns.

There it is again I turned my head and looked out the corner of my eyes with the left leading and the words and letters momentarily became crisp and clear. As soon as I noticed it went away and reverted to what it was. These are the glimpses of clarity that I hang onto. If I can do it even for a moment, then I can build on that and increase my focus on long-term clarity.

© B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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