Take A Break

I’m in a mood for time off from everything, even writing. I also have resistance to working on the book because of the journal reading. I may suspend that for now and go back to simply edit drafts without work on Alaska inserts. There is enough disruption in my life with the house redecorating projects, and still so much sorting. Most everywhere I turn there is still sorting to do, Mother’s stuff, my stuff, ancestors stuff, sibling and children’s stuff. Sorting all the stuff, whether it’s physical or reading journals, stirs up my internal stuff. That is my gift to heal, but honestly, I can only do so much and still maintain a sense of stability in my work life.

Maybe I will spend today working on the book, maybe tomorrow, and take Monday off, even though the workers will be here. I can read or watch a movie. I think reading old journals last Monday was too much subliminal stirring of my unconscious the day before the workweek. Maybe I can just edit on Monday, but there is still potential for triggers. It’s an interesting balance when my work is integrated with personal growth. When I worked a computer job 40 hours a week the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was check email or anything on my computer. It’s like the flight attendant who said she rarely travels when she’s not working because the last thing she wants to do on her day off is get on a plane.

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