My Founding Master Time

It’s taken me years to develop the habit of morning pages. I sometimes resisted because I thought there was more urgent stuff to do. It seemed like such a big chunk out of my morning. It was a distraction, imposition or obligation to a commitment. I had resistance a lot. Occasionally I still do, but mostly I would rather do this first thing in the morning than anything else. I sometimes sit here for over an hour, content to tap away on the keyboard. Now it is the other things I used to think were so urgent that distract me from my pages.

Maple Mocha and Morning Pages are truly MY time. I segue from sleep to wakefulness, I allow myself to just be with whatever is rattling around as I let it flow out my fingertips. It’s where I accept myself just the way I am on any given day, even if I resist the pages. It is a form of meditation. I watch my thoughts, which ones I need to ramble on about and which ones I resist even putting down. The latter are the most important ones to work on. Most of the time I will eventually get those thoughts onto the page, too. When I do change and healing begins, and maybe even a significant blog post.

Nothing yesterday was ready for my blog; it was too personal, too much on the cusp of my current challenging ruminations. A friend came last evening and visited 45 minutes. It helps to hear the thoughts out loud. Later on I remembered that everything is perfect, everyone is perfect, don’t worry, it’s not real, just an experiential exercise. Everything is working out according to Divine Order. I’m right where I’m supposed to be.

The most interesting part of the discussion was that I consciously realized that I am The Founding Master Practitioner of FasterEFT. I don’t need to qualify it as the “Longest Standing Master” because of Linda. The truth is I set the model. I was the first one to get out there and do seminars, video record them, put them up on YouTube, promote FasterEFT on FaceBook, etc. It was Linda’s sense of competition, fear and feeling threatened that got her out there doing it after I had started. Even though Robert certified us at the same time, I kept thinking I had to defer to Linda as being the first Master because Linda taught me how to tap. No one told me that, I just made it up in my head. It’s time to acknowledge myself for what I did before Linda or anyone I know besides Robert. I helped set the standard for how Robert began to develop the requirements for practitioners and Masters. He had none for Masters then. He just told me in general terms what to do and I went and did it. — © B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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