Powerless Wonder

I mined a gold nugget from my January 2002 journal. I had completely forgotten the phrase that came in a dream in the 1990s, “All I ever require is Powerless Wonder.” I also referred to The Great Whatever, which I’ve not forgotten, but don’t practice the way I did. That would be a good thing to do. Both are practices of allowing, accepting and releasing. I practiced Powerless Wonder a lot in the 90s. I even put it on my computer screen saver. I don’t know how and when it slipped away from my consciousness. Maybe it was when I began to study others more deeply and take on new beliefs and practices.

I didn’t feel well yesterday afternoon and opted for a nap instead of a walk in the wind that blew all day and night again. (It is quiet now, finally, but it blew in a single-digit cold front.) I noticed how strange I felt lying on Mother’s couch. My body was tight, crunched, clamped and felt like I was trapped in a cage and couldn’t move. It wasn’t physically true because I had movement and no pain or stiffness. It was more of an energy thing.

I had a good lunch and my stomach was fine. By evening it was upset with gas and burning sensations so I didn’t have supper. I got my iPad to look up what to tap on in my Kindle version of The Secret Language of Your Body. The book already open was Breathing Space and my eyes fell on the page and began to read. I got to the first exercise and did it. Again I noticed the feeling of being in a clamped down cage and the breathing began to release some of it. I wrote notes about the experience, then read more before I went to sleep. I haven’t done the second exercise yet, but I think it will be good.

Most of my time in the morning was spent with messages to prospective clients. Three showed up yesterday. Plus I spent time in email dialogue with the woman who posted the blog-quote-graphic on my wall. Even though I had intended to work on the book, I knew I was doing what I was supposed to do for the day. I’m amused when I finally shift something that blocked me and within 24 hours prospective clients start showing up. It’s important to be in alignment with my Higher Consciousness. It never fails that the vibrations that come back match the ones that go out. — © B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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