Chase Sensations and Happiness

The body is very interesting! Since I was young I noticed momentary sensations in various places and wondered, “What was that?” I soon realized not every sensation was an emergency alarm and began to ignore most things that aren’t persistent. I had shooting pains through my abdomen, weak and achy ankles, the normal itches, bruises and bumps. Unless it takes us down, we aren’t taught to notice or respond to our body messages.

Now I know that my mind/body system is using sensations to get my attention to help me heal. I still have a pattern of not paying attention unless it becomes persistent. Yesterday I had a severe shooting pain into my right little toe. I flinched and it passed with the thoughts I wonder what that’s about? Should I go get my reference book and look it up? What is my mind/body trying to tell me now? I have a bruise on my left thumb or an itch on my left shoulder. What’s that about?

Some people don’t have so many symptoms. They feel their emotions and tap on them. Other people have learned a pattern of stuffing, ignoring or blocking emotions. That’s when the mind/body finds another way to get our attention with physical sensations. We can tap on what we feel, just aim at the sensation and let it go, or use global phrases to let the unconscious mind do deeper healing.

Who has the time to respond to every sensation the mind/body presents? I could sit all day doing nothing but body awareness tapping. I could chase every single sensation and I’m sure I would heal a lot of unconscious stuff. Am I going to sit here 24/7 and chase symptoms? No. I have a life to live and that’s an important part of healing.

Some of my clients may be too intent on cleaning up the muck and not spending enough time living, taking breaks, having fun, building happy memories and practicing positive states. Sometimes the mind/body needs a break from clearing away the negative to allow the neural pathways time to sort things out and restructure. There have been times when I tapped for days, keeping myself in the mindset of looking for it, finding it, tapping on it and still don’t feel the shift. When I finally take a break, maybe just for an afternoon and evening, I wake up the next morning and there it is. I feel the shift after taking a break.

I may have to make a note for session two and have a new client show me their Happy Journal. It’s common for that to be something they put off even though it is an assignment for the first session. Many people have a lot of resistance to feeling good and practicing that. The Happy Journal is one of the most important self-healing tools anyone can have. If I am too deep in the trance and can’t tap my way out of it I do something else to pull myself out. Go to a happy memory. If I can’t find it or get into it, I grab my Happy Journal, open it up to any random page and start reading. Once I connect to it, feel it for a couple minutes, then I go back into the negative trance and it will be less, but may still have something to tap on. The process of going in and out repeatedly is a very important part of breaking the negative trance and restructuring the neural pathways in the brain.

Take lots of breaks, short or long, because they are just as important as the aiming, tapping and letting go. Spend as much time practicing positive, feel-good states as letting go of the negative stuff. Do I do this? Probably not as much as I need, but often what I tell others is what I need to hear and do for myself. — © B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Grace,

    Love this message. Indeed it is somedays much easier to dwell closely to the symptoms or feelings rather than push through mud to the more positive state even when we know we need to. Sadly,just a more familiar spot! My happy journal is fantastic. I love to really “get on a roll” remembering the good times. And every single time that I can push to add some entries, I am totally uplifted to a better place!



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