Peaceful Plateau

I’m on a peaceful plateau. It feels good, nice to feel centered, grounded and immovable. Of course “This too shall pass.” But does it have to? Maybe not, if I’m willing to focus more on my Higher Nature of Spirit. The key is staying in tune with my body/mind and notice the thoughts and sensations it produces. Honor myself without judgment. Be kind, loving, forgiving and nurturing to myself. To be here for others I first must be here for myself.

It was good I didn’t have a client last night. I probably could have done a session, but I would have had to push through some of my stuff to do it. I did some easy tasks then gave myself permission to go to bed early. I tapped on whatever physical sensations arose but didn’t get much emotion. I allowed my unconscious to do the work. I released my resistance and judgment of the symptoms. Just notice them, aim and tap, let it go, whatever it means, whatever the references are, it’s not useful now, it’s safe to let it go. Those are the simple global phrases that give my unconscious permission to heal me even when my conscious doesn’t know the references. I awoke in a peaceful state.

Acceptance and surrender is slow to come for many clients. They create so much judgment and resistance around the symptoms and problems that it compounds them. No matter what symptoms my body/mind produces, it is for some purpose of protection or healing. It’s all for good even if I don’t like it. I practice not layering judgment and resistance to the problem, on top of the problem. That only increases the focus and intensifies the problem.

I hover above a fine line when I explain that even though I never gave up hope of finding a way to heal, I learned to practice acceptance and surrender to what is in the present moment. Whether I understood it or not, I did my best to live from a place of trust and gratitude that all the miserable stuff I experienced was for a higher purpose. I practiced blind faith in a power, purpose and passion greater than myself that helped me endure three years of disability.

I believe that nothing happens by mistake. Everything is in Divine Order and shows up exactly when and how it is supposed to. Just because we react with resistance, discomfort or judgment, it doesn’t mean what we resist is bad. It just is what is, and I can learn how to take control of my response. I can let go of the automatic unconscious mind/body reaction and choose consciously how to respond. I take responsibility only for what is my responsibility.

Some clients are confused between guilt and responsibility. That’s where many judge themselves for their automatic unconscious thoughts, reactions and symptoms. Those are the ones we need to forgive ourselves for. Our mind/body system is automatically doing what it has been trained and conditioned to do. Release all the judgment and guilt we hold against ourselves for the automatic stuff. Notice what it is we don’t want, aim and tap it all away, then make a conscious choice to affirm and practice what we do want. We are responsible for our response to the automatic programs. Do we continue to practice and perpetuate them or let them go and change them to what we want? If we are to make the changes we say we want, it must become a conscious choice at that point of response. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All rights reserved.

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