Walk The Talk I Give Others

Sometimes I feel stuck, trapped in my body of symptoms and a mind full of thoughts. It’s amazing how I’ve changed so much, but there’s so much more to come. Sometimes I want to quit. Enough already! How much more must I do to be ultimately free? Is it endless?

When I started this tapping journey, my goal was to be healed from disability. I also wanted 100% freedom from symptoms and problems that began long before disability. My new clients show up like I did and want someone else to tap away the entire list of problems. It seems like some were missed that I still have. I get it. Practitioners go for the big stuff, help us change as much as they can, but the rest is up to the individuals to heal themselves.

We spent our whole lives learning, developing and practicing our patterns, beliefs and problems. FasterEFT is the best way I’ve found to make fast, deep changes, but it’s not a quick fix. It doesn’t change everything in a few sessions, months or years. It takes a long-term commitment to the vigilance of watching thoughts, how they trigger emotions, how those trigger symptoms and behaviors. I learn how my mind/body system processes and creates. We may produce similar symptoms but we each have a unique process. There are similarities, but no two people have identical patterns of creation.

This is the gift. The more I clear away, the more I go deeper and allow the bigger stuff to arise. I have successfully installed the automatic FasterEFT program and my mind/body knows better how to let it go. A nuance of an old pattern or symptom may pop up from an unknown trigger. Most of this work is unconscious and I trust it to protect me and help me survive. The unconscious also tries to get our attention to help us heal, so whenever what we don’t want pops in, trust the process, go there and clear it. From personal and professional experience I believe the unconscious only gives us what it knows we can safely heal.

In the beginning I went looking for references to heal. When is the first or worst time I remember feeling this way? I still ask myself, but I don’t need a reference in order to heal. My unconscious will produce whatever I need to work on in any given day. My job is to follow the trail, wherever it leads. If I want ultimate freedom I go deeper. Then take a break, laugh, play or rest.

Principles are important but triggers are sometimes from personalities. A surprise gift in the mail Monday was a huge trigger that I’m still healing. I tapped most of Monday afternoon before I made a thank you phone call. We talked for an hour followed by a message but I need to respond again. I felt great when I awoke the next morning, but kept the issues on the side and didn’t engage during my workweek. A couple clients postponed which gave me time and space for self-care.

I had no words of depth to write Wednesday because I had pushed aside the problem during the workweek. The trigger Thursday is unknown, but symptoms started after lunch with a friend. My stomach was so full it felt like it was pulling on the muscles above. I napped, tapped, got through the afternoon session, but it got worse with belches and chest cramps. I tapped, rested and tried to prepare for the next session but knew I wasn’t clear enough to be effective. I would have to push myself through symptoms, an old pattern I continue to release.

After a short visit to reschedule the session I stayed briefly in my office. I thought I had a blog post idea that was mostly edited and could be posted quickly. Then I saw the one from Monday morning. It had been totally eclipsed by the trigger and that afternoon of tapping. I had forgotten what it was and the title didn’t give me a clue. A Gift of Love and Passion, what is that about? I need to edit and post that before the later one, but it’s so long. I worked on it to pull the concepts from my minds’ recesses. I stopped with good enough for now, I’ll sleep on it and edit more tomorrow.

After two hours tapping in my bed on symptoms and issues, I had relief but couldn’t sleep. I got a snack and watched comedy for an hour. In the morning all the symptoms in my chest, stomach and shoulders were gone. But my lower back developed a painful ridge of tight muscles, so I tapped on that. One thing leads to another. Tap, tap, tap, let it go, let it go with the global phrases I trust my unconscious to heal whatever it is.

Breaks are as important as tapping. The body/mind is our gift, our guide to let us know when to go or stop. I take care of myself first if I am to help care for others. That’s the key to loving our neighbors as ourselves. We can only love them to the degree we love and care for ourselves. We can only give from what we hold. Be the change, walk the talk we give others. Be our own best friend before we befriend others. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All rights reserved.

2 thoughts on “Walk The Talk I Give Others

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  1. Thanks Grace. You are keeping this real. I find it so exciting that this powerful tool can be used and kept with us for the rest of our lives!

    I too will pass on this special magic to all the broken souls I know….but when I have properly walked the walk myself first!


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