Back Home In OKC

As soon as I pulled up in front of Deanna’s house my car started vibrating. It got me to Jason’s Deli, but it has been hesitating more frequently. The vibration gives me hope that if I take it to my mechanic here they will figure out the problem that my Emporia mechanics haven’t found yet. I will have to figure out how to get it there and have rides to the seminars. I’m sure someone will come get me, but it would be nice to have my own way. Oh well. Whatever.

I brought Conversations With God Book II, since a client had just finished it and told me it discusses many of the things she hears me say. I wanted something spiritual to read at bedtime, which helped me during training last October. It was late, after 11:00 when I got my blog post made, so I didn’t read long. I resisted starting at the beginning with the Acknowledgements, but did it anyway. That was exactly what I needed to read. It helped me feel the connection of the whole and how we all help each other, even if we don’t consciously know another person. It was just like hugging everyone at Jason’s. The one’s I didn’t know told me their names and I told them mine, and they said, “I know, I watch your videos.” I need to remember daily that people I don’t know continue to watch and listen to me, even when I forget inside myself what I have said. I’m glad they are here to remind me.

I noticed my automatic response to set the alarm so I could get to the seminar early. Then I remembered my intention for this trip is to take a break from automatic conditioned responses. Practice being in the flow of the present moment, allowing whatever arises without resistance or judgment, let Spirit be my guide and follow the flow of each eternal moment flowing into the next. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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