Why do I repeat training for six years?

A couple issues popped up yesterday during class, but I didn’t go deeply into them. My intention for this week is to tap on raw sensations and not look for traumas or stories. My unconscious mind knows what the raw sensations are connected to and it can heal without me consciously knowing the memories. I’ve done enough digging in the dirt for a while. My intention for this week is to take a break, have fun, play, lighten up and build relationships.

I sit in class simply being in the present moment, focus my attention on what Robert says and stay connected to my Spirit. I maintained my peaceful bliss through the day. At break someone asked how I am and I used descriptive words like “really good, in the zone.” He said, “You sound like you’re stoned.” We laughed and I explained how I described it in a blog post and how nice it is to create a peaceful buzz authentically.

I had a quiet dinner with a friend, ordered a beer and had a few sips. I noticed the tiny buzz begin in my head and suddenly remembered I still want to post on my blog before bed. I knew from watching a demonstration by Derren Brown, that if he can make a sober person feel and act drunk, then I am in control of how this drink affects me. With a simple thought, I flipped a switch in my head and reversed the buzz. Instantly it was gone. I ate my meal and drank the rest of the beer like any beverage. I had no buzz when I left the café. I came back to my suite and made two posts before bed to become current. I will try to post at the end of each day what I wrote that morning, instead of the evening after.

People asked me why do you keep repeating FasterEFT training seminars for six years? I began with how Robert continues to explore, improve and refine things so the skills are more effective and the teaching is clearer. I like to keep up to date on what’s new. Stories I’ve heard often, he gives more personal details and overall makes seminars more fun and entertaining. He also shares new stories, like the one about the trainee healing from MCS who went down the detergent isles at the store with a tapping buddy. She stuck her nose in every scent and tapped away her sensitivities. The detail I had forgotten was that she also stuck her nose in the male buddy’s hairy armpit and they tapped away her sensitivity to deodorant and body odor.

One of my favorite reasons for repeats is to connect with other like-minded people. We build relationships in the community of FasterEFT practitioners who become wonderful friends. We have lots of fun in the evenings after classes and stay connected after the week is done and we all go home.

Also in the months between trainings I have changed, healed and cleared things that may have been in the way. I may hear things at a deeper level of personal understanding. I shared general concepts of my recent conversations with my ex-husband and how our communication has improved. It is a wonderful example of the power of doing this work. I want to share it openly, but I’m not sure how or when yet.

For years I’ve heard Robert say the best way to heal you are relationships. I lived in mother’s basement six years and was there for every family reunion and most individual visits. I  healed a lot as best I could. Then it all came to a head before, during and after Mother’s death. Now it’s time to go deeper into healing the main relationship that represents the others, so that I can heal them all. This is my metaphoric isle of scents to stick my nose into and keep tapping. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved

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  1. Hi Grace i attended this 15 and 16 of february and i remember Robert talking a bout the arpit story. i an looking forwand to when i can stay for the whole week and share with all of you . know that i am taping o things troughout the day . and am better day by day tell every one that manuel said. ill ba back, hahaha

    thank you for your post
    manuel Q


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