FasterEFT Family Dinner

Most of the class went to dinner at Capers. Afterward a newcomer said that she learned more in the last three hours than she did all day. That included my favorite part at the end of class when we practiced the Quick Tap phrases.  We lined up in three sets of two rows and tapped on the person in front of us until the music stopped, then move one position and tap. We repeated until we tapped on everyone on the opposite side. It’s a great way to meet and get familiar with tapping on others. I gave lots of hugs and love looking into their eyes and feeling the soul connection when they tap on me. I also aimed at a symptom in my body to release. When I got on my knees for the little person to tap on me, I gave her a hug like I had everyone else. She said that is the first hug she has gotten all week. She was here for the weekend, too. I was surprised and then gave her a second hug.

The discussions at dinner are helpful since someone who is shy can ask questions in a small group and learn in a comfortable way. Not everyone is good at learning from the lecture model. They may be afraid to ask questions. Plus, not everyone can understand it from Robert as easily as someone else. That’s another important reason for going to the live class. There are other certified practitioners who can help explain things to the newcomer in a way they can hear it through their filters of perception.

I am still in my sweet zone and loving it. There are minor fluctuations, but it is easy to notice the mental or physical background noise and release it. As I return my focus to the Soul Light I feel the connection to peace, love and acceptance of all just the way we are. I practice peace, love and acceptance and the more I practice, the better I get at making it my automatic conditioned response. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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