Back To Basics

The sweet zone was elusive, but I’m still good. Yesterday I was tired, bored and sleepy. My zone was mostly neutral. I noticed a couple of judgments and tapped on them. I may need to start doing my own seminars again. I may get distracted telling my stories, but no more and maybe less than Robert does his. He loves to tell his stories. They illustrate many good examples, which help people learn, but one may lead to another and another. Then he remembers one of Deirdre’s and has her come up to share her stories and one leads to another. What they do is wonderful, and very entertaining but takes a long time.

Derren Brown’s video on Fear & Faith about the placebo effect was wonderful. My favorite part of class was the demos and prop suggestions for de-fractionation, even though Deirdre said those are Level 3 techniques. I de-fractionate in all my sessions, but I get bored using the same techniques and want to explore new, fun ways to de-fractionate.

I am brainstorming for how I will do my seminars differently. I want to add more humor to my presentations and I need to practice that. I will give more opportunities for hands-on tapping and students connecting with others to build relationships and find tapping buddies. I can teach others how to heal themselves and to help others heal even if they aren’t certified.

Before I showed up for my first training class in 2009, it took a masterful six months of self-healing to get there. What healed me was my daily practice of the basic techniques. I mostly tapped on raw physical sensations, negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I didn’t look for memories, but waited to do those in sessions with Linda. If a memory popped in and I was in a full blow emotion, then I tapped and flipped it, but I didn’t go looking for them. I didn’t need any of the props or new techniques to heal me. The basics work perfectly. This week I have gone back to the basics I used in the beginning. I continue to tap on myself using the global phrases and let it go. It works and I don’t need to add the layers of meaning and emotional trauma in order to heal.

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