Notice The Subtle Reaction

My zone is more relaxed and in the flow of allowing. I gave myself permission to run errands yesterday morning. Robert is going longer without breaks. By the time I got there it was almost noon when he took the first break, then went another hour before lunch break. I went to evening class after a nice walk with a friend. The moist fresh air and exercise rejuvenated me, and my hair.

I picked up a few reminders from Deirdre’s presentation on how to do a session intake. I do it very differently than she does, but we both cover most of the same basics. She did a short demo and it was interesting to notice an ever so slight response in myself when I heard the client’s memory. He was dragging his feet out the van when his leg got caught in the wheel and run over. I gave a tiny gasp and moved my head to the left. I felt nothing, but noticed the reaction. I almost ignored it, but as a master practitioner, I know even the slightest reaction is a trigger of something that I hold within, or me buying into their trance. It isn’t real now, it’s just what they hold that supports their patterns. So I looked within and remembered I almost fell out of the car when I was four. I’m pretty sure I have tapped on that already, so what’s the reaction about? I had no emotion but tapped on it anyway. Even though I didn’t feel it, I could still see it. I kept tapping and still didn’t feel it until Deirdre took the client into seeing it from his Dad’s position. I followed along and went into the position of my mother and there it was, my big tears, her fear, anxiety and panic. I kept tapping till it was gone and we are sitting in the car smiling at each other happily and peacefully.

The incident happened long before seat belts were installed in cars. Mom was driving my Grandparent’s 1940 Chevy. She went around a corner and I must have grabbed the door handle for support. The door flew open, I saw the pavement as I began falling toward it and felt mother grab my left knee and pull me back into the car. OWE! It really hurt and I was angry, shocked and upset that she hurt me so much when I hadn’t done anything wrong. That is likely the part I had tapped on before without ever going into second position to see it from Mother’s perceptional experience. It happened and was over so quickly maybe I didn’t realize the near death danger. I didn’t remember any fear, only the pain of her pulling me by the leg.

That is a good example of the way I practice the basics now. I just tap on what is here in the present moment inside my mind/body until my unconscious gives me a memory to clear. I didn’t go looking or digging for it, I just stayed in the present moment and when it showed up in the present moment then I addressed it and flipped it. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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