Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Watching Tiffany and Heather is great for a lot of people, but there will be some who cannot relate to their stories when they can relate to others or mine. My parents were mostly calm, loving, supportive and encouraging. My childhood traumas were not so dramatic. There was no alcohol or drugs, no death threats or rape. Still, somehow I picked up some patterns of belief and behavior that led to similar symptoms showing up in my body. I know there are thousands like me who will not be able to relate to extremely violent childhoods. Those are the people I hope to reach. The world needs to hear my voice and the others.

The Universe spoke to me through a man on the Friends dance floor, “Don’t hold yourself back.” I already have whatever I need within me to get this done. The Universe has set me up for it. The time is now. Set my intention, keep moving through it, do whatever it takes, tap through every resistance or fear, alternate with play and fun to keep pulling myself out of the past muck that I must write about in order to help others. Then I can use my book as support to help my clients when they get frustrated after tapping for six months and they aren’t completely healed yet. Neither was I? I was just beginning to have abilities to do things like paint for two hours in my kitchen.

After six months of daily tapping I began practitioner training. I still had to pace myself carefully, tapping my way through fatigue and pain that still lingered. At first, the weekly trips from Kansas to OKC were four days. I kept an easy pace with a day on either side to relax, have fun or work for Robert before and after classes. By the time I finished training six months later, I could drive down the same day for the Monday night class, spend one night and drive 250 miles home after class on Tuesday night. It was amazing to me that I had changed that much in six months and by then I had been tapping for a year. I slowly increased my work hours until I was virtually working full time at building my FasterEFT practice. It was more than another year after that before I discontinued my disability benefits.

I recently helped a client make a lot of big changes in her life. After tapping for six months she was frustrated that she’s not completely symptom-free yet. She is focused on what she can’t do instead of all the amazing progress. To those who are impatient with their progress, I suggest let go of the expectations you have of getting a certain outcome by a certain time. I never set that up in my head so my speed of progress was never a disappointment. I stayed in the present moment of the progress I had made, always practicing gratitude for how far I had come from where I began. I had no one to compare myself to, which I can see now was a real blessing. I was just forging ahead like a pioneer, tapping my way through everything I didn’t want and continued to practice gratitude every step of the way for each little improvement.

Not everyone will heal as fast as Heather and Tiffany, and they are not completely healed yet either. They are still working on stuff. Yes FasterEFT can create fast changes but sometimes changes can be very slow or even invisible. You may not even know something has been healed in your unconscious until you have an opportunity to test it. That was what happened when one day in Japan without consciously knowing in advance what I was doing I spent five hours mountain climbing. When I got home from Japan I spent ten days caring for Linda before I watched her die. Then I knew it was time to call and cancel my disability benefits.

Don’t hold yourself back by comparing yourself to others. Your journey is uniquely yours. Practice gratitude for all you have accomplished already and keep moving forward. Compare yourself only to the progress you have made since you began using FasterEFT. That is your special gift for healing you. Never take for granted what you have accomplished. You can remember that old life like it was someone else’s, but you know it was the old you. Practice gratitude for the new you now, even if you are not exactly where you want to be yet, neither am I. We are all still a work in progress. I still have a lot of healing to do before I reach all the goals I set for myself when I firsts began tapping. Gratitude and persistence are the keys to freedom. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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