Trash Or Treasure

While making Maple Mocha my progression of thoughts led to a metaphoric big picture. After I sat down in the dining room to write, cardinals landed on the patio. Wow! I’ve never seen them so close to the house. They usually hang out in the yard. Now a huge red one landed on the patio table, and a small female. They keep flying away and coming back. I have no idea how many of them there are, because it is not the same ones that keep coming back. They each have a unique look to them either in color, weight or size. What a wonderful gift! I wonder what this nature message is for me today. Now the cardinals are all around the back yard, planter and stone bench. I hope they come back in the spring and use the nest they built last summer in the honeysuckle. A cardinal just tried to land at the top center of the patio door, but flew away because he couldn’t get a hold of anything. It was nice to see the image of his open wings fluttering in front of me. As I write I continue to stay in the present moment with the cardinals.

I have changed my life and re-invented myself many times before. I used a version of the process Joe Dispenza describes when I prepared to move to Alaska, before I even had a job there. I remember the thought processes I used and followed it up with action on a daily basis. Even if it was just to make one phone call, I moved forward toward the goal at least one small action a day until I succeeded. I can use the same process again for my book. I can teach others how to use it, too, but I can’t do it for them, they have to do it for themselves by choice and will.

The unconscious pulls in from both the recent and distant past, so many references simultaneously or in a rapid succession to arrive at an ah-ha moment. It seems cumbersome to describe it now. I arrived at a metaphor of putting stuff I don’t want in the book, just like I am sorting and clearing the physical stuff left in this house. Our parents left us the family heirlooms thinking we want or need them. The truth is we don’t need all this stuff. We keep the good stuff, but the junk we give to charity and they sell it to other people who are thrilled to get our old stuff.

This is not coming out in words the way it arrived in my mind. The point is that my book is about letting go of some old junk I don’t use anymore, like a huge rummage sale. Everyone is scavenging through someone else’s old trash and they find something that is a treasure to them. They will find treasures in my book and some of my trash. It is the stuff I had to go through, sort and clear out in order to create a treasure of life for myself now. Plus I explain the process of how I sort through it to let it go, so they will know how to let go of their trash too.

It gives me a helpful concept to hold onto and motivate me to keep moving my trash out of my life, both emotionally and physically. Our parents gave us the best they could. Yes there is trash mixed in and it takes a lot of sorting to discover treasures, which sometimes show up in unexpected places. One day at a time I’m getting myself back on a work track after my Bullet Train got derailed when my aunt died and then mother got sick and died. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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