What To Do Now?

Unexpectedly time has opened up on my calendar. I watch my thoughts around it. I see how old patterns of belief want to grab hold of it and make it into a worry. I know everything is in Divine Order. I have observed the ebb and flow of clients and it’s part of the natural rhythm. This is my opportunity to do some things I have put off or resisted. I used to work on more projects when I had less time than I’ve had recently.

I have very little interest in sitting home alone anymore. I want to get out and mix with the rest of the world, even if it is on FaceBook. I’m browsing there again. I can try new things like take Yoga or Tai Chi classes or find some other way to connect and meet like-minded people in my community. I really want to take a Hoop class.

I could go back to work on the book, or edit videos to sell. I could watch all my YouTube videos to inspire myself to do what I tell others. While I’m there I could change my phone number to the new one. I have been messaging with a friend about getting together in K.C. to tap and go dancing. Maybe I will go to a presentation two other practitioners are doing for the Fibro Coalition to build relationships and have some fun.

Last night I watched some long Fibromyalgia testimonials for FasterEFT. Robert posted a 50-minute interview with Tiffany. I learned a lot more about her story. Then I watched the video of Tammy he posted in October. Every story is different. Some can relate to theirs and not mine, others relate to mine and not theirs.

Where do I fit in? What is my purpose here? How can I spread the word and help others heal? I could write my book. I keep getting inquires. I got another this week from a friend who looked all over the Internet trying to buy it before she finally emailed and asked. I sent her to my blog in the meantime. Maybe The Universe is letting me know it’s time to work persistently on the book and get it done. Am I ready to respond? — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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