My Acre of Diamonds

I had lots of fun at the International Food Day at ESU with friends in the atrium at Visser Hall. It is a wonderful place; I had never been that far into the building before, since it was built after I left in 1974. I must go sit there sometime when it’s cold and I just need to be around trees and green plants. It was jam packed with wonderful people, excellent food, lots of tables and fun entertainment.

Dee told us how she has learned that healing is one of the main reasons people travel to the Matfield Green and Cottonwood Falls area. Other practitioners travel from great distances to help others heal. Since we are nearby we need to get connected with it. It feels so right. The music was too loud to have a long conversation, but I immediately thought of the Tallgrass Spiritual Retreat and wonder what has happened to it since the Christian women’s retreat shut down. Did someone buy it? That would be such a perfect setting for healing workshops. When I was there for the Dream Workshop I thought it was sad to limit it to women. It could be so much more if all are welcome. I never stepped foot inside the main house, but surely there are plenty of bedrooms or bed space there, to separate the sexes if needed, or accommodate couples. I would love to be more connected and an integral part of a local community of healers. I believe my house is sitting among Acres of Diamonds.

I never quite made it to working on the book yesterday, but feel I am close and will likely get there today. I think I have found a new approach to use since I have been writing about it lately in my pages and posting on the blog for accountability. I am getting more connected with others on FaceBook and that is good, but I don’t want to get fully back into it the way I once was, because I need to work on the book.

I started reading a bit of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book Evolve Your Brain. Again, the Acknowledgments were exactly what I needed to read. The first two paragraphs describe exactly what I have been going through with my attempts to write my book. Some of the quantum physics stuff by Dr. Goswami in the foreword is over my head with long unfamiliar words that I don’t want to bother looking up. Generally I think it is stuff I understand conceptually if it were put in simpler terms.

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