Mindful Love After Love

Sunday I was inspired to look for a mindfulness video to give my new clients. I need to introduce them to observing their thoughts before we start. That is part of how my mind was set up to help me heal so fast when Linda first taught me to tap. I found several videos but was browsing to see which was best for beginners. I was triggered to tears for an unknown reason by a short video of Jon Kabat-Zinn. Maybe it was because I saw the story of how he began the Mindfulness program in 1979 and how it progressed. It was astounding that when Zinn asked the medical staff what is the patient’s recovery percentage, it was under 20%. How does it make any sense to proceed down that path when they can do no better?

When Bill Moyers series Healing and The Mind was on TV in 1993 we recorded it on VHS and never watched it then. It wasn’t until I was disabled and using meditation in 2005-6 that I watched it. There was a long section of it dedicated to the work Zinn was doing with Mindfulness at University of Massachusetts. Mindfulness was just another thing I tried to simply manage or live with the symptoms but it didn’t actually release them. In the YouTube video Zinn was working individually with a woman in extreme pain in a classroom full of people. I looked at all the people desperately needing some relief from pain and symptoms, and they think this is still the best they can get. I wanted to tap on all of them. I want them to know mindfulness is a wonderful foundation but if they will couple it with tapping it can set them free.

I found another video of a wonderful talk Zinn gave at UCSD in 2005 that was posted on YouTube in 2008. There were two wonderful poems he recited that illustrated his points. I posted them on my FaceBook page. The second, Love After Love, got several comments, and I posted the video with the starting point at Zinn reciting the poem. Hopefully others will go back and watch from beginning to end. It’s 50 minutes long but worth it.

It snowed more Sunday and the ground was mostly covered. It got so bitterly cold the wind chill was -17°. I woke up in the night and my nose was so cold it was dripping. My head and back were cold so I pulled my cozy over my head and the covers around my face, but it was still too cold to get back to sleep. I finally got up for the wool blanket that I had taken off before I went to OKC, since I thought we were done with winter. I put on my cozy, got Linda’s plush robe to put over my head, turned on the Soul Light recording and finally got back to sleep. When the heater kicked up around seven I began to get too hot and woke up. Frankly, I was angry, frustrated, depressed, and felt some other heavy feelings. I had lots of pain in my back, neck, shoulders, hips, and did a lot of tapping. I also had that hollow feeling of not getting enough sleep. I haven’t had that in a long time and wondered if I planted a reminder in my mind when I watched my video of Dread and Resistance to Getting Up. I sure had that Monday morning and just kept tapping. I didn’t get all the symptoms released before I got up, but it was a lot better. I wanted to get up to be in a different position and get Maple Mocha. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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