Seeking My Internal Guru

I worked on the book for 1.5 hours Monday. It was good. I kept it simple by just proofreading and editing the first chapter, which is already fairly clean. It’s an easy way back into the work since I’ve been through it many times before. There are still a few lingering emotions around the family issues, maybe because some patterns still linger in the present. I took a couple short breaks and the last one I turned the music on loud and danced for five minutes. That was great! I will do that a lot. It was still about 20° and sunny outside. Since I wasn’t going to walk I got out of the house by going to the grocery store.

I ordered the movie e-Motion last night. It’s full of various healing experts, some I know and some I don’t, but it includes Dr. Joe Dispenza and Robert G. Smith. I think Robert is the only EFT type person in it, so I’m happy that surely Dr. JD, the others and thousands of viewers will be introduced to FasterEFT.

I listened to the rest of Dr. JD’s CD on the Art of Change and posted a favorite quote from it on my FaceBook timeline, which got a lot of likes and some good comments. I found out three friends are going to the I Can Do It Conference in Denver later this month and will see Dr. JD there. I’m happy for them. Even though I once planned on going, now that I am listening to him at home I am content not to go in person. It will happen another time. I know it will be wonderful for all who are there and it would be for me if I went, too. A deeper part of me says that I already know the basics and I can sit here and do my best to practice going inside to find my own answers. If I actually do the work I will have a greater reward than if I make the trip. It’s about being the change by practicing to become congruent with it. It’s time to take what I have learned from all I’ve studied and go inside and become my own personal Guru. Do what is right for me to create the life I choose fashioned after my own answers. Looking outside myself for answers is an old pattern. It was good and I needed it for a very long time, but maybe not so much now. — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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