Shining Light On The Darkness

Thank God for the lovely outpouring of birthday wishes on Thursday. I was still in a depressive funk, but I continued to go through the motions of celebrating in every way The Universe provided. I watched the negativity in my thoughts and allowed them to play out long enough to realize it is nothing I would fully buy into, so why do I allow myself to play with it? It’s a waste of time and not doing my body or me any good. Whatever the thoughts are they register in my body and I don’t need those kinds of physical responses.

I’m grateful for the blitz of well wishes on FaceBook. I read every one of them and practiced believing that they are all true, even if I didn’t fully believe that I am a wonderful as others think. I still practiced believing it, feeling it as if it were true. Then I began to realize it is true, and I had been forgetting myself all along. I am an amazing person with all the qualities others see in me. I have been focusing on the things about myself that I still see as lacking. Things like, why can’t I be more funny and entertaining? Why isn’t there a lover in my life? What’s wrong with me? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone. There it is again, focusing on what I don’t want and phrasing my questions in ways to get the answers I don’t want. There’s where I need to reframe and flip things around.

After a quick shopping trip the car started vibrating and the engine light started blinking so I headed straight for the mechanics. At least I didn’t have to get it towed. I started up a conversation with the man who gave me a ride home by asking how long he had worked there. He started telling me his story about breaking his neck about 10 years ago, the doctors saying he would be paralyzed, all the years of PT and proving the doctors wrong, the failure of his own repair shop and now he lives with constant pain and virtually no feeling on his right side. As we neared my house I questioned if he is open to alternative therapies. Not chiropractic and someone had suggested acupuncture, but he hasn’t used it. I briefly told him about the self-help techniques I used to heal me that I teach others and how effective they are. He said he was definitely interested and wanted my card, so I directed him to my YouTube channel to find the free how to videos. Hopefully I helped someone find a way out of pain on my Birthday.  — © Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Hi Grace,

    Wishing you a wonderful belated Happy Birthday !!! Sorry, I missed it by a week! LOL

    Big Birthday Hugs,


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