Flip Religious Solicitors

Working on the book, I hear a knock at the front door. I consider not answering, but go anyway, thinking it may be a neighbor. It’s two young men from the Mormon Church. I’m never inclined to spend much time with them or the Jehovah’s Witness, but I am polite. I tell them that I’ve heard of their church and I don’t practice any religion, but I am spiritual and practice that in a personal way. They don’t understand what that means and begin to ask questions.

I tell them religion is humans seeking God, spirituality it God’s connection with us. They say they like to practice their faith in a congregation. I tell them I believe and do my best to follow the teachings of Jesus, but I don’t think organized religion does a very good job of that. They somewhat agree and begin to ask me questions about how then do I practice my faith. I tell them about my recent YouTube upload the Soul Light Connection and how that is a good example of how I practice my spirituality. Also I have other like-minded people who I share with, but it’s not an organized religion.

They don’t understand and continue to ask questions. I give them one of my brochures from the shelf by the door, and quickly tell them how to find my channel. I also tell them that the system I used to heal myself from three years of disability is based in the teachings of Jesus and how Robert, who created it, is a minister, though not in a church. I suggest they find my playlist about Spiritual Principles that Support Faster EFT where Robert gives interpretations of scriptures. I tell them if they are not interested after they check it out, please pass on the brochure to someone they may know who has pain or fatigue, because this system will help them the way it did me. They seem impressed and say, “No, you don’t look disabled now.” They thank me and we wish each other a nice day. I watch them walk down the steps with MY literature in their hand. That’s a new flip on that type of encounter.

I also find spiritual connections in my daily journal writing. Life is such an interesting journey, as long as I don’t get bogged down in the repetitious routines. We are created to be creatures of habit, yet the nature of life is constant change. What a conundrum! Each day is like the blink of the eyes and gone before we know it. Just go through the days as they blink along. Focus on gratefulness that the systems are working perfectly. Be in the present moment allowing the flow of life and Spirit to carry me along. —© Copyright B. Grace Jones 2014 All Rights Reserved.

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