Who Am I? Why Am I Here? Because A Writer Writes!


“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the Universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” —Eckhart Tolle

I am a writer, finally! I’ve known since my teens I have a memoir to write, but I’m no Ann Frank. I had to do a whole lot more living before I thought I knew what the memoir is to become. In my preliminary efforts between 2007-2014, The Book surprised me by revealing that I’m just a channel and it shows me what it will become. Now I believe I have more than one book to manifest through me.

I know where to begin, but where will it end? That seems to be a moving target. It’s not necessary to figure that out now, The Book will reveal it when the time is right. The work before me is to get un-stuck, get back on track by consistently writing.

“But not yet,” I say. “I have to get Marvin Gardens Guest Apartment booked with more guests so my house will support itself.” I sure can’t afford to support it. I can’t even support myself now that I’m gently retired.

Over-socialized with virtual friends and maintaining an online presence, I began to wean myself the past year. No matter how I explained, “I don’t have the power to heal you or you would be healed already…I can only teach you the skills I used every day to heal myself…Healing is a process, not an event…” I became weary because most weren’t willing to do the work to heal themselves. I quit my coaching practice for lots of reasons, but that’s a story for some other time and place.

If I am to be what I love, that is a writer. I write my journal pages daily. Does that make me a writer? Well, I write, so yes! And I have learned to mine golden nuggets from past journals that someday you may read in a book.

Can I make money writing? I took an adult education class last fall at Flint Hills Technical College, but it just took me back online when I was trying to get offline. During the class I redirected my online attention when I saw a post on my favorite local restaurant’s page. They were re-opening after a scare that they might shut their doors for good. They needed prep cooks, so I shared their post on my FaceBook timeline and the owner thanked me via private message. We began to chat and before long she suggested I apply for the job.

What? Me? I’ve never worked in food service my entire life. But hey, why not, maybe the resistance is a signpost I’ve ignored and I’ll love it? Besides, I need cash now! Well I did love it, and I was good at it, but it was hard-ass work and full of stress and surprises. After five months I had to quit, but I kept ironing napkins for them at home for three more months. I love ironing, but alas, I had to admit it was keeping me from writing or taking better care of Marvin Gardens, and it makes no sense to pay a housekeeper up to twice what I make ironing napkins.

I learned first-hand it is impossible to live on the current minimum wage income. It was easier when I was 23 than it is for young adults today.

So why am I back here on my long-neglected blog? It’s part of the process. If I am a writer I need to write daily, more than just journal pages. I resumed reading others’ blogs and then something popped up on WordPress to sign up for help. Okay, why not, I can stop when I want and it’s free! So here is the first assignment. They didn’t say to give the assigned subject as the title, but why not? It works. It is my re-entry point.






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